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These Three Temptress Songs Are Our ‘Cuppa Tea’

These Three Temptress Songs Are Our ‘Cuppa Tea’

It’s time to discover the undeniable talent of Temptress, the dynamic R&B duo bringing a fresh perspective to South London’s music landscape. These two rising stars excel in every aspect of their craft: writing, singing, producing, and even directing their music videos. Vlad, the multi-talented member of the duo handles vocals, production, and guitar. Jess, his band partner, takes on vocals, production, and keys. The Temptress sound fuses lo-fi beats with R&B to create a dreamy atmosphere. With over three million streams and a reputation for selling out headline shows in London, Temptress knows how to captivate an audience, and we know they’re destined for greatness. So, grab a ‘Cuppa Tea’ and relax as we introduce you to three essential songs by Temptress. 

‘Cuppa Tea’

This infectious new single by the duo flawlessly blends R&B, alt-pop, and indie vibes with a sprinkle of hip-hop influence, resulting in a stunningly beautiful sound. It sets a cozy atmosphere with warm sub-bass and lo-fi beats, accompanied by silky vocals. The song itself describes the early moments of getting to know someone. The lyrics are super fun and playful, referencing the artist’s upbringing and nodding to UK classics like hanging out at the “greasy spoon” and “he took me down to Chinatown.” This song is our ‘Cuppa Tea’ and has the top spot on our cozy vibes playlist.

‘In The Bag’

If we could place a song in our purse, it would be this one. Instead, we’re adding it to our playlist – so should you. It’s a groovy masterpiece that effortlessly weaves soft lo-fi elements and a modern R&B sound with a touch of indie pop. This funky, upbeat track is perfect for your next hot girl walk. The duo’s voices blend harmoniously, creating a magical listening experience. We love the lyric “Don’t let this feeling get away” because we can’t let go of the excitement of discovering emerging talent in the industry!


The duo crossed paths at Goldsmiths while performing their own sets. They produced the song ‘Lies’ during a collaborative session. Naturally, we want to talk about it! This track delves into the dark moments of deceit in a powerfully moving way. The bold tune has a chorus that stands alone from other Temptress tracks. It’s easy to get caught up in the emotion fuelling this song, just like one can get caught up in a web of lies. Also, the unique structure of the chorus, with the music cutting after every word within the first line, adds intrigue. Within ‘Lies,’ Temptress skillfully paints a scene and evokes powerful emotions that leave you speechless.

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When R&B meets lo-fi, it’s paradise! Add some British humor, and it is a recipe for success! We’re convinced Temptress will be the next big duo, and it’s time to join the wave. What song by Temptress is your ‘Cuppa Tea?’ Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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