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It’s FATE If Enhypen Do These Performances On The US Tour

It’s FATE If Enhypen Do These Performances On The US Tour

Touring is one of our favorite aspects of being a fangirl. Finally, we get to experience our favorite songs live and see our favorite performers shine on the stage instead of behind a screen. It’s the ultimate opportunity to immerse yourself in the fandom and enjoy a positive space where everyone appreciates the same music. When it comes to being an international KPOP fan, an announcement of KPOP world tours hits even harder. Luckily for us, Enhypen’s FATE World Tour is coming to the US! To prepare ourselves and our wallets, we’re presenting three Enhypen performances we hope to see live on stage.

Everything You Need To Know About The US Leg

Mark yourself as busy at work on the 19th of July because at 3 p.m. local time, tickets to see Enhypen on the US leg of the FATE World Tour go on sale through vendors Ticketmaster and AXS. After Enhypen performs on their home stages in Seoul and Japan, the boys will be kick-starting their US leg on October 6th at Dignity Health Sports Park. They will then make their way to Glendale on the 10th, Houston on the 13th, and Dallas on the 14th of October. This will be followed by two dates in Newark (the 18th and 19th of October) and ending in Chicago on the 22nd of October. 

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‘Go Big Or Go Home’

When it comes to a song that can get a crowd going, ‘Go Big Or Go Home’ always comes to mind. This club classic is an absolute feel-good anthem that is impossible to sit still to. At The Honey POP!, we feel it would be FATE if Enhypen performed this song live on their US leg. Plus, as everyone knows, the bridge is perfect for a dance break, which would be amazing on a stage and add even more fun to what we know will be a spectacular setlist. 


As we’re all about to drop some dollar bills on tickets, it would be very fitting if ‘Bills’ makes the setlist. This track’s cool blend of pop and smooth R&B would be perfect if placed mid-show. Picture this, the boys have just performed ‘Future Perfect (Pass The MIC)’ and now want to slow things down. They do a quick outfit change and take a more casual approach on the stage, similar to the stages they’ve done during promotions. We’re picturing the cute choreography and fan interactions with ‘Bills’ as the soundtrack. It’s the ideal song for some mid-show relaxation and groove.

‘Bite Me’

October is spooky season, so ‘Bite Me’ is a perfect suggestion for the FATE World Tour. This song perfectly captures the spooky vibe of the month, matching the vampire-esque core of its sound. Seeing ‘Bite Me’ performed live would be captivating. It’s got all the ingredients for an unforgettable stage, from the lyrics to the choreography with the backup dancers.

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If it were up to us, we’d have an entire show of every song on the Enhypen discography from start to finish. Whilst that may not be possible in one show, we’re excited to see what songs make the setlist. Of course, the title tracks will make their presence known, but we’re excited to see the b-sides and performances that will accompany them. If you could control FATE, what Enhypen performances would you like to see live? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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