4 ENHYPEN Songs To Prepare For Their DARK BLOOD Era

Pass us the mic, because we have exciting news. ENHYPEN are officially making their comeback on May 22nd with their 4th mini album, Dark Blood! It’s time to mark your calendars and bring out your favorite ENHYPEN playlist to prepare.

The group – consisting of members Heesung, Jay, Jake, Sunghoon, Sunoo, Jungwon and Ni-Ki – have been experimental with their sounds. Since debut, they’ve had a youthful fun phase with the BOARDER era, and their teenage rebel phase with MANIFESTO. They’ve already delved into pop, hip-hop, and EDM so we can’t wait to see what new sound they’ll bring to the table! After seeing the trailer for Dark Blood, we’re perhaps left expecting something mature, cinematic, and surprising.

Their music guides a range of emotions and inspires us to embrace our true selves. ENHYPEN is a combination of “enhance” and “hyphen,” which represents their desire to connect and enhance the world through their music. And this is exactly what they’re achieving. They truly encourage a multitude of feelings with their diverse discography and connect with fans all around the world; having recently graced the Music Bank stage in Paris and made their fashion week debut in Milan for Prada.

Now, with the comeback announcement, you must be as curious as we are! In anticipation for their 4th mini album Dark Blood, here are 4 ENHYPEN songs to prepare with.


Let’s begin with a throwback to one of the first songs that comes to mind when wondering what the Dark Blood era may present us with. And that is none other than ENHYPEN’s debut song, ‘Given-Taken.’ Let’s do some digging!

The song and its visuals are especially eerie, containing darker themes and diluted colors. While we loved the vampirecore aesthetic they had going on, we can’t help but draw back to the “red blood” motif across the bridge. This song is a perfect example of the group’s ability to create a unique sound that is captivating, haunting, and incorporates various genres. Perhaps this new era will act as a continuation of this specific storyline? So, to start our Dark Blood era preparations, ‘Given-Taken’ is first on our playlist queue.


This song is the ultimate party anthem with its upbeat and playful tune. However, there is a deeper side to the lower tones that we simply couldn’t ignore. That’s precisely why ‘Drunk-Dazed’ is our second pick for songs that give us Dark Blood vibes!

Visuals are key in K-Pop and the video for ‘Drunk-Dazed’ does not fall short. On one hand, the boys seem to be living their best lives. Seriously, where was our invitation to this party? But, on the other hand, there’s a deep storyline that’s hard to ignore. From showcasing strange superpowers, pouring blood into a glass, blood firing from ceilings, and raining into rooms, there is so much to unpack… but we’ll save that for another time. Ultimately, this song is irresistible and we would love this energy to transition into the new era.

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Let’s be real, who isn’t a ‘Fever’ enthusiast? This song is elegant, sultry, and simply unforgettable. ENHYPEN blessed us with this timeless masterpiece that demonstrates their vocal diversity. Particularly, the bridge is captivating because of the layered vocals and harmonies that lead up to the final chorus, which is nothing short of perfection. It’s no surprise this song has amassed over 97 million views and is an ultimate fan favorite!


‘Blessed-Cursed’ by ENHYPEN is a rock-infused song that boasts strong vocals and powerful raps. The lower tone to their masculine voices is paired with dramatic guitars, which has us wondering if this song is a sign of their newer era. It definitely exudes mature energy, but in a teenage angst rebel sort of way. At The Honey Pop, we are anticipating these heavier instruments making a reappearance in the Dark Blood era, and would absolutely love it if they did.

Have you saved the date? Let us know your top ENHYPEN song picks that you’ve got on repeat in preparation for the Dark Blood era in the comments or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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