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4 Ari Abdul Songs ‘You’ Need To Add To Your Playlist

4 Ari Abdul Songs ‘You’ Need To Add To Your Playlist

If you’re a fan of dark alternative pop, then it’s time to stan Ari Abdul. At only 21, the rising star from Brooklyn, New York, combines the sounds of popular household favorites such as The Neighbourhood and Lana Del Rey, while incorporating haunting stylistic influences. The mere thought of her sound is enough to give you goosebumps! Luckily with Ari Abdul, there is no need to imagine the music because it’s out in the world for us all to enjoy. Here are four Ari Abdul songs you need to add to your playlist.


Starting strong, Ari Abdul’s latest release ‘You’ is a cinematic-sounding treat. The song is about a deep-seated desire for someone with psychotic themes. Whilst quite haunting, we absolutely adore this unique take on a love song.

The catchy lines “You’re so divine” and “It’s love at first sight” bring the pop elements to the techno and electro track. Meanwhile, lyrics such as “you could be the bullet to my gun” remind us of the obsessive motif. The song’s eerie beauty is perfectly complemented with haunting visuals which feature Ari in a hyper-stylized bold performance. Directed by Ryan Faist, the music video is a stunning display of contrasting colors and overlayed silhouettes, which showcases Ari’s commanding stage presence.

I wanted to create a song that came from the perspective of someone with a strong fication on someone who isnt even aware

Ari Abdul speaking on latest release ‘You’

‘Babydoll (Speed)’

If you’ve been keeping up with the music scene on social media over the past year, chances are you’ve already heard this incredible track. Despite the darker themes, the sped-up version of ‘Babydoll’ gives off a fun, dance-pop vibe that lightens the overall mood.

Lucky for us, there is a music video to accompany the track. Unlike music videos where Ari embodies a character, we get to see her personality shine through. In the ‘Babydoll (speed)’ music video, Ari sings along to her song and rocks out with her guitar in the coolest pair of sunglasses ever. Seriously, we need to get a pair! And this is exactly how listening to ‘Babydoll (speed)’ makes us feel: alive, and energetic and gets us smiling.


Visually, ‘Hush‘ showcases Ari’s brilliant acting skills as she completely immerses herself into the character of a kidnapper. The narrative was immaculately brought to life, and we can definitely see her unique artistic direction.

Acoustically, this alternative pop song is extremely fun and even has an official sped-up version. Our favorite part is the chorus, the mix of the lighter beat with her blunt lyricism of “You’re best when you just shut up” is quirky and makes the song even more enjoyable. Listening closely, we love the way her vocals are layered, as this really suits her vocal tone and gives an ethereal vibe. Crossing all fingers, Ari plays ‘Hush’ at Lollapalooza in Chicago this August.

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If you want to feel like the main character in a villainous plot, we suggest you listen to ‘Bored.’ The dark undertones are still present that we’ve come to expect from the artist. However, ‘Bored’ shows us a new style with catchy guitar riffs we can’t get out of our heads. It’s very clear from this song she has all the power and is in complete control. At The Honey Pop! We will never be ‘bored’ of this song!

Growing up, Ari was exposed to a wide range of musical styles. Her Ecuadorian mother enjoyed Latin music, while her Costa Rican/ Palestinian father loved classic rock. On the other hand, her brothers preferred hip-hop and metal. Therefore, it’s no surprise that her music is a unique blend of genres, inspired by her diverse musical upbringing.

Have we inspired you to check out Ari Abdul? Let us know your favorite songs in the comments, or tweet us @thehoneypop!


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