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Jack Harlow Is A Hometown Hero, An Ingenious Rapper On JACKMAN, And A Philanthropist

Jack Harlow Is A Hometown Hero, An Ingenious Rapper On JACKMAN, And A Philanthropist


Don’t you just love it when an artist without warning drops a new album that is (and will continue to be) dramatically changing the course of their career? Louisville native Jack Harlow is having that very powerful moment in his life and his music career. Jack has finally returned with JACKMANhis third studio album! JACKMAN is a 10-track album with hits like ‘Common Ground,’ ‘No Enhancers,’ and ‘Questions,’ and it can be enjoyed by those who do and don’t listen to rap. On JACKMAN, Jack takes the listener through beats that are reminiscent of late 90s and early 2000s rap/R&B beats that are not “typical” for 2023 radio.

JACKMAN Is Jack Harlow’s Best Album To Date

On JACKMAN, Jack is pushing back against the narrative that he is “too” commercial and not a serious rapper. Without any features or any special sound effects, he made JACKMAN more stripped back and pulled back on the popular sounds, allowing JACKMAN to be timeless in its production and lyricism. We bet, reader, that you will be able to enjoy JACKMAN now. You’ll also be able to enjoy it 10 or 20 years later as the stories are timeless. It’s a divine rap album!

Jack dives into his more mature themes on JACKMAN. Harlow explores topics of toxic masculinity, whether he has white privilege as a white rapper, calling out music journalists who think they know what “urbanism” is, the shaky reality of coming to grasp how old friends can change for the worse, and many other sociopolitical topics. Jack created JACKMAN as a sense of personal therapy for himself and those who can relate to his album. JACKMAN can also be therapeutic to those who can understand and appreciate the messages behind his album. 

Jack Is A Boy Who Is Proud of His Hometown In The ‘They Don’t Love It’ Music Video

It is important to realize that Jack Harlow touches heavily on sociopolitical issues that are important to him, and these pieces of information are something we as a society shouldn’t ignore. Keep this in mind, because it’s the key to fully enjoying all that Jack is doing with this album and beyond. Jack has serious hometown pride and through JACKMAN, you can hear how Louisville shaped him. 

The new music video for one of the new album tracks, ‘They Don’t Love It,’ takes place in Louisville. Jack is extremely self-aware of how people have, and still do, look at Louisville, and he’s positioned himself to show that he’s unapologetically from the city. Therefore, the music video for ‘They Don’t Love It’ is laid back – watchers will see Jack go around Louisville to different schools (his alma mater, Atherton High School), stores, and doing activities with friends and family. Without a doubt, this is Jack Harlow’s Louisville. For this reason, through a documentary-esque, early 2000s-style music video, we can see why Jack does love it. 

From JACKMAN To Philanthropic Changemaker With The Jack Harlow Foundation

His city might be used to his come up, but he is doing something different following JACKMAN – Jack is proudly launching The Jack Harlow Foundation in Louisville! The Jack Harlow Foundation is a sentimental philanthropic initiative that is giving gifts to four local organizations: Adelante Hispanic Achievers, Centro Latin, Russell: A Place of Promise, and Sponsor4Success. As fans of Jack Harlow, it’s incredible to see the impact he is making locally!

The Jack Harlow Foundation is going to make such a difference in people’s lives, and Jack even recently donated to five more organizations in Louisville, which inspired KFC and Instagram to make their own donations. We’re overjoyed to see that Jack is at a point in his career and life where he can pay it forward to his hometown!

With all I have done and will do in my career, my home is where my heart is, my refuge, and the place that shaped me. Giving back to Louisville represents the dream I have of making a difference. My vision is to make Louisville a better place. Know that this is just the start of my philanthropic legacy and I look forward to transforming our community and, as a result, the success and happiness of its citizens.

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Jack Harlow Is Making Himself A Permanent Place In The Rap Scene

Between the release of JACKMAN, launching The Jack Harlow Foundation, and releasing the ‘They Don’t Love It’ music video, Jack has truly solidified his place in the rap community and society. JACKMAN was the match that needed to be struck to ignite Jack Harlow’s boundary-pushing flame in and out of music. With all this in mind, it is not surprising to us at THP that Jack Harlow is receiving a prestigious and touching “Hometown Heroes” banner. This banner is now hanging for all to see! The “Hometown Heroes” banner is given to Louisville natives who have used their platform to give back to Louisville. 

At just 25, Jack Harlow is making big waves in music and his community. JACKMAN is revolutionary for his career as is The Jack Harlow Foundation. We at THP are eager to know what you think of Jack’s new album, music video, and foundation. We know that there are so many incredible fans of Jack out there and we can’t wait to hear your thoughts. Share them below in the comments or find us on our socials, Facebook and Instagram, or send us a tweet @thehoneypop. Check out more of our hip-hop faves here!



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