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Jack Harlow Is Headed On Tour, Here’s Our Dream Setlist

Jack Harlow Is Headed On Tour, Here’s Our Dream Setlist

Here at The Honey POP, we are just like you! We are not immune to being complete simps for the internet’s boyfriend, Jack Harlow. This last week Jack has fed us so well. Everyone, say “Thank you, Jack Harlow!” From the release of Come Home The Kids Miss You to the interview with Jimmy Fallon that we are still reeling over, to the confirmation that we will be catching jack on the road this fall! It’s a lot, and we’re still trying to process all this information!

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In celebration of a week all about Jack Harlow, we’re going to break down the five songs off of Come Home The Kids Miss You that we HAVE to hear live on tour!

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‘First Class’

Chances are, if you’ve been anywhere online recently, you’ve heard Jack Harlow’s smash hit, ‘First Class.’ ‘First Class’ has been dubbed the sound of the summer, and we couldn’t be more onboard. Come on, a song that samples Fergie’s absolute banger, ‘Glamourous,’ and references Angus Cloud? It’s a win in our book!

‘Dua Lipa’

Is there anyone smoother than Jack Harlow? The answer is simple actually, it’s no. We are looking into legally changing our name to Dua Lipa as we speak. We can already hear the ringing in our ear from how loud the crowd is about to be during this song, definitely an album highlight.

‘Parent Trap’ Featuring Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake‘s first track since June 2021 being a collaboration with Jack Harlow is fulfilling dreams we didn’t even know we had! ‘Parent Trap,’ is a banger and is a major contender for our favorite track off of Come Home The Kids Miss You.

Also, any reference to the classic Disney film is a win in our book.

‘Movie Star’ Featuring Pharrell

If you get Pharrell on a track, you’re guaranteed to get a hit. Pharrell is such a pioneer for so many of the tropes we love most in pop, RnB, and hip-hop music, and we couldn’t be mods thrilled that he has jumped on ‘Movie Star’ with Jack! Sonically, ‘Movie Star’ is the standout track off of Come Home The Kids Miss You!

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‘State Fair’

We had to end this list with the album closer, ‘State Fair.’ ‘State Fair’ feels like the most personal track off the album, a look inside how Jack Harlow feels about his fame and his love for his hometown. In our opinions, not only is ‘State Fair’ the perfect album closer but it would be the perfect track to end a show with.

We would love to hear from you! Are you seeing Jack Harlow on tour? If so, let us know what city! You can leave a comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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