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Weathers’ New Album, Are We Having Fun?, Is ‘One Of A Kind’

Weathers’ New Album, Are We Having Fun?, Is ‘One Of A Kind’

What’s up, Posers! How are we feeling? Are We Having Fun? (see what we did there hehe) That’s right, Weathers’ third album Are We Having Fun? is finally here and we’re definitely having fun diving into this album. They brought the energy and the sound that we love so much and this is a certified no-skip album. Seriously, it’s just banger after banger.

Weathers definitely took an angstier edge with Are We Having Fun? The tracks are high energy and if you take a minute to dive into the lyrics and what they’re really saying, you’ll see the underlying theme. We thought we’d share some of our favorite songs and lyrics from the album with you to emphasize what we mean.

‘One Of A Kind’

Favorite lyrics: “Yeah, I think that somewhere, out there/There’s a happy version of me”

Okay, so ‘One Of A Kind’ is not shy about its message. The frustration and anxiety of overthinking is punctuated by each drumbeat and guitar riff. If you can relate to the lyrics (and even if you can’t), this is a great track to scream along with. It’s intense and loud and it’s everything we love about Weathers. Special shoutout to Mr. Cameron Boyer’s vocals.

The release of Are We Having Fun? also brought us the music video for ‘One Of A Kind,’ which does a great job of visualizing the song’s theme and lyrics.


Favorite lyric: “My mind plays games and it drives me mad ’cause I can only remember good times we have”

‘Carsick’ Posers unite! Okay so maybe this isn’t about how we feel after that one bad driver takes turns too fast, but carsick is a great way to describe the emotions behind this song. That feeling of just needing the feeling to stop or you’re gonna be sick if you keep thinking about that one person.

‘Goodbye To My Friends’

Favorite lyric: “The only thing that makes me happy/is looking back at you and me”

This track is a little slower, a little more of a lament to friendships past and the memories attached to them. We love the emotion of this song, a little bittersweet and sentimental, definitely a highlight track on Are We Having Fun?

‘I’m Just Sayin’

Favorite lyric: “Takes a lot to admit that/I’d rather die than tell you how I’m feeling”

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That lyric? Relatable AF. It can be hard to admit what you’re feeling and we appreciate how seen this song makes us feel. We love the vibe and it’s definitely one we can see being fun live. It’s catchy and will 100% be stuck in your head.

Weathers truly knocked it out of the park with Are We Having Fun? We really wanted to just list the whole album, if we’re being honest, but we didn’t want to take up too much of your time. Time that would be better spent streaming the album, which you can do here! You can also catch Weathers on tour right now, more info this way.

Which track is your favorite? What line sticks out to you? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on our socials! We’re always buzzing about something on Twitter.

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