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Savings Gives Us Nostalgia With New Single, ‘American Psycho’

Savings Gives Us Nostalgia With New Single, ‘American Psycho’

Picture this. It’s the early 2000s. You’re a lover of music, and heavily into all things pop-punk. Blink-182 and Green Day rule your playlists. You’re living your best life screaming out the lyrics to your favorite songs. Of course, all of this may be true for 2023. However, present day, there’s another band here ready to rise and reign supreme right next to the greats that ruled those years and that we still love today. We’re talking about Savings, and they’ve just blasted us into the past with their new single, ‘American Psycho!’

When you listen to ‘American Psycho,’ you’ll understand exactly why we think about the early 2000s. It’s a song that’ll really make you reminisce about that era of pop-punk. Savings have created something extremely special with this song. ‘American Psycho’ is the perfect mix of pop-punk with an addictive dusting of modern-day emo-punk, and we can’t get enough of it. If you’re a big fan of iconic bands like Neck Deep, Green Day, and The All-American Rejects, you’re going to love ‘American Psycho’ and more from Savings. That’s a promise, honey!

Want to know the best bit? This isn’t all we’re getting from Savings! The band is set to release their brand new EP, Get Well Soon, on June 30th. We’ll definitely be feeling more than well when this EP drops! With ‘American Psycho’ being our first taster, it’s safe to say that our hive is buzzing with excitement for Get Well Soon!

The Track List

Feast your eyes on the track list for Get Well Soon below! Which song are you excited to hear? We’re eager to hear ‘You Mean To Tell Me a Head of Lettuce Sunk This Ship?’ – how could we not be with such a fun track name like that?

  1. ‘American Psycho’
  2. ‘You Mean To Tell Me a Head of Lettuce Sunk This Ship?’
  3. ‘Alter Ego’
  4. ‘Chin Up, Champ’
  5. ‘I Found A Date For The Holidays, Maybe’

If there’s one thing for certain, Savings will be a band for us to watch this year. While we wait for Get Well Soon to release on June 30th, we’ve got a plan. We’re going to blast ‘American Psycho’ on repeat and let the song whisk us away to nostalgia city. What better way to spend a spring day?

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Image Source: Courtesy of Carry The 4

What do you think of ‘American Psycho?’ Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.


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