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modernlove.’s Newest Release, Nightlife, Is Giving US Life

modernlove.’s Newest Release, Nightlife, Is Giving US Life

Ready for some fantastic new music, honeybees? Well, you’ve come to the right place! modernlove. is an Irish four-piece out of Drogheda, a small town in Ireland. Their newest release, the Nightlife EP, features six tracks – four already released, and two unreleased, all amazing. They have an indie-pop sound influenced by Bloc Party and Taking Back Sunday, and they’ve refined it so beautifully on this release. Their music makes you want to dance around and sing your heart out, promising a certain catharsis that many people search for. We think Nightlife would be a perfect addition to your library!

Check out the tracklist and our thoughts on each song below!

‘until my heart stops beating’

A beautiful, moody song with a steady head-bobbing beat and a fun, soaring chorus! Barry Lally, the vocalist of modernlove., coasts easily over the song, allowing the melody and rhythm to stand out in their own respect. They capture a certain level of unhappiness while maintaining something upbeat, where you don’t completely lose yourself in the sadness (can you tell we love the instrumentals on this song?) The lyrics address a love that’s fizzling out, and the desperation of if it is over, that it’ll just end.

‘Ruin Your Night’

‘Ruin Your Night’ is a perfect example of modernlove.’s ability to tap into the pop genre and blend it with a chugging bassline and an emo vocal style! The guitar licks throughout the first verse keep the song moving before the chorus fully drops and gives you the perfect beat to jump to. The lyrics talk about those nights that just… don’t seem to end well.


As one of the unreleased songs off Nightlife, we were so excited to listen to this track, and gosh, modernlove. didn’t disappoint. They rely on electronics on this song a bit more than the other songs on this EP, but it still fits the vibe. Barry’s vocals are as smooth as always, before the chorus drops (which they are so good at) and he belts the lyrics. We loved the change in dynamics and the way the song would get quiet, and go loud, and use all sorts of different build-ups going into the chorus. Also, the bridge? Perfection.

‘Take Me Far Away’

The moodiest, emo song on this release, and we genuinely think this is our favorite of the entire EP. Barry sings with his entire chest in this song, the soaring chorus just hugging you in such a beautiful, melancholic way. The song is perfect for when you’re in your feels and you feel like nothing is going right.

‘Only Ever Only You’

This is a great pop-punk-inspired song by modernlove.! We love the fast drums, heavy guitars, and the beautiful post-chorus. The song makes us feel like we’re 14 years old again, headbanging in front of our mirror with our headphones on full-blast, not a care for our ears. We sing this song with our whole chest. Obviously.

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modernlove. closes the EP with a piano ballad, but in a very alternative way. They use a funky drum track, a looping piano, and distorted vocals. The piano breaks away after the first chorus but continues with the same melody. It’s an interesting take on the typical piano ballad – and we expect nothing less from modernlove.!

Which is your favorite song off the new Nightlife EP? Let us know in the comments or by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop on Twitter! We’d love to hear your thoughts about this rising Irish act.


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