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Just Like A Prayer Mustafa’s New Single Has A Powerful Message

Just Like A Prayer Mustafa’s New Single Has A Powerful Message

Some things in life just can’t be defined by one thought or opinion, just like ‘Name of God,’ Mustafa’s long-awaited return to music. This song has an indescribable message, even for these buzzing bees!

It took two years for this song to see the light, and at the end, every line and chord shows the reason behind it. Not only does the song have amazing musical production, but the theme reflected in each refrain has a religious complexity that involves and will connect with hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

‘Name of God’

It is a song that you might want to listen to more than once, and with every play, you will feel the existential tinges that touch each verse. This also comes with an incredible video directed by Mustafa.

I’d like to believe that this is probably the most intentional song that I’ve ever made… I think so much of that was related to experiences that spanned my entire life.

Mustafa on Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music, about knowing this song was completed

“Whose Lord are you naming
When you start to break things?
…Did you do it in the name of God?”

Every verse tells a story of this extraordinary comeback. Mustafa wanted to express a part of what he was living. In his interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, he shared that he was in a moment where he started to question God’s existence and how much the people he loved believed in God.

Did you do it in the name of God?

Doubts, uncertainty, and an endless road – these are just some of the many emotions happening in the few minutes of ‘Name of God.’. So, as part of his talk with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Mustafa revealed many more details about the making of this song.

The question is enough to build the universe, and I think that that was the beginning of a world for me, for sure.

Mustafa on Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music, about the chorus phrase “Did you do it in the name of God?”

As music is a way to express ourselves and our lives, it’s also a way to walk to people around the world. Mustafa shared that this song was challenging for so many reasons, including faith, as well as what the song might mean for people who listen to it.

And I think that I was afraid, I was afraid to write the song because I was afraid to even question people’s relationship with God or my own relationship with him or to him.

Mustafa on Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music

What Makes A Song?

On ‘Name Of God,’ Mustafa worked with so many admirable people around him. He traveled to Egypt, where he could familiarize himself with culture, people, and rhythms. ‘Name of God’ has the presence and work of people like Aaron Dessner and Simon Hessman.

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Just to their abilities, I think they did a really wonderful job of maintaining the essence of what the record was supposed to be.

Mustafa on Zane Lowe Show on Apple Music, about working with Aaron Dessner and Simon Hessman

Making music sounds completely different when we talk about Mustafa’s work. In his lyrics, we find a consolation, a passageway, or even a mirror, but there will always be a message.

SOS Perplexed Bees!

Without a doubt, this song is both complex and perfect. Plus having the opportunity to get the artist’s perspective on The Zane Lowe Show makes this comeback feel even closer. It left us perplexed and with many doubts to debate. Take a look at @thehoneypop and tell us what you think of this song. Can you define it in one word? Try as we might, we can’t!

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