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Exclusive Interview: SINDOSI:22 Tell Us howtosurvive___ In First EP

Exclusive Interview: SINDOSI:22 Tell Us howtosurvive___ In First EP


We may have just found the coolest sibling duo we could ever encounter on planet Earth. SINDOSI:22 is a multi-genre bending duo that has intrigued us since the moment we saw their unique look. The group includes No.20, and No.21, you know, with a group name of SINDOSI:22; we were going to get some unique member names. The duo also sports very cool-looking helmets specific to each member, which are inspired by a galaxy they’re from, Prism Galaxy. See, they’re just all-around cool 👽.

The group has released their first EP, howtosurvive___ recently, and it’s everything you could hope for from an emerging duo like SINDOSI:22. The EP has five tracks, with two tracks that were previously released, ‘swerve,’ and ‘domythang,’ and honestly howtosurvive did just that. It showed off the different sounds SINDOSI:22 can offer. It also helped show off their different vocals. Once you listen to any track by the duo, their voices complement each other so well with a deeper and lighter voice, bouncing off each other throughout the tracks. We loved every track that was on the EP, but ‘swerve’ will always be our number one. We can talk endlessly about it, the instrumentals, that rap, the chill vibes, whew, it’s so good. And we’re not the only ones thinking that because, it currently sits at 3.6k views, not too bad if we do say so ourselves.

We got the chance to talk to the duo everything about howtosurvive___ including which track resonates with them most, how they got inspired by Groundhog Day, what each brings SINDOSI:22, and of course, what we can expect next. Check out our interview with the duo down below!

Image Source: Courtesy of Prism Invaders

First of all welcome to The Honey POP!, we’re so excited to be able to talk to you two! With the release of your very first EP, howtosurvive___, congratulations by the way, how are y’all feeling? What were you up to during the days leading up to the release?
Thank you for welcoming and congratulating us for our first EP. We haven’t done anything special before our EP released. We feel relieved and less pressured that we finally released our EP because we’ve been waiting to release for quite a long time. We have been making new tracks during the days leading up to the release as well.

So you first kicked off the EP with ‘domythang,’ which gained a lot of attention, and rightfully so, did you expect the kind of attention the track got? What was the most surprising thing you heard from listeners?
First of all, we want to say that we appreciate everyone (our audiences) who loves our song ‘domythang.’ We did not expect to get the attention we got off this track since we aimed for a “pop” genre since that’s what most audiences listen to instead of doing it the style that we usually do. We were surprised to see how they loved our very first single.

With howtosurvive being your first EP, and first major project, What was the process like putting it all together? What was the hardest part? What was the most satisfying part?
We made bulks of songs first and then chose the tracks that ties together as a project. The hardest part of the process was sequencing the tracks that we chose for the album. With the main theme of the project, it was difficult for us to set them in order that could flow naturally. The most satisfying part was recording strings and horns, No.21 is in a film scoring major and he was excited to record his first live orchestral elements.

So let’s dive into howtosurvive___, was there a reason for the tracks to be in the order they were, or how did you decide on which track opens it up and which one closes it?
We had this idea of making the EP feel like as if a day was repeating, like Groundhog Day. Even though life could feel like repeated days, we wanted to tell there are the little things that people could enjoy, which was making music for us. So the project is ordered in the morning to night, it gives out being lazy in the morning vibe in ‘lazy’ and let’s go get a drink at night vibe in ‘hanzanhe.’

So the message of ‘domythang’ describes y’all doing your own thing no matter what anyone else says, and we think it’s working perfectly for you two. Have you run into any doubters when you were releasing the EP?
We ran into couple people who doubt our vision and still do. We believe that’s just something people do, if they can’t see the vision like how we see it people will often doubt it first. For example, even my friends were doubting my success in music during high school. Even though we’re not “successful” we believe we will keep pursuing this path.

What track’s message do you think describes how you’re trying to survive on planet Earth? Ours is currently ‘swerve.’
We believe every track has a similar but different message.
No. 20: However, mine is also ‘swerve.’ It gives out a message to just “swerve” away from people who doubt and hate.
No. 21: My favorite is ‘lazy,’ I believe it’s not a bad idea to be lazy from time to time to refresh yourself. Burnouts are real and you need time to recharge your vitality to keep pushing forward.

What do you think each of you brings to howtosurvive___ that makes it so good?
We believe our synergy works out as a sibling duo. We believe that No.20 got the fresh vocals and top-line writing skills and No.21 has production skills, which were brought to the table as our first EP. Also, we believe the contrast of vocal style is one of the virtues we have.

Apart from howtosurvive_ you also remix other artists tracks, are there any more on the way? Which has been your favorite to do so far?
We enjoy doing covers but rearranging it into a total different mood/vibe. We are planning to make more cover songs with different arrangements. Our favorite flip so far is ‘Low’ by SZA, with a UK Drill like drums and orchestral strings felt right to us.

We think if we were artists we would love it if a Movie or TV show included one of our tracks in their soundtrack. Is there any track from the EP that you think fits perfectly in another form of media? Which track would it be?
We would love our songs to get synced in visual media. We could imagine ‘swerve’ and ‘hanzanhe’ being on a TV show for a soundtrack. Maybe as in the intro or the outro song would be nice, or just the instrumentals.

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We are ready to see what’s next for you too! So, can you at least tell us what we can expect for SINDOSI:22 for the remainder of 2023?
We appreciate the attention in our team, we haven’t exactly set the plans for the rest of the year yet, but we are currently working on more songs for frequent releases. It’s going to be hard to release a new album, but we’re going to focus on singles and more covers. If we have a chance, we would like to produce / score for short indie movies or an Internet series. It’s already been a month since the album came out, we hope that we could provide more tracks and projects as soon as possible. Lastly, we want to say thank you again for your interest.

If you haven’t checked out SINDOSI’s howtosurvive___, you can check it out here!

Photo Courtesy of Prism Invaders

What did y’all think about SINDOSI:22 and howtosurvive? We personally are obsessed with it. Let us know what you think in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, or on Facebook and Instagram!

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