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10 Foo Fighters Songs To Get You Excited For But Here We Are

10 Foo Fighters Songs To Get You Excited For But Here We Are

When we hear of a new Foo Fighters album dropping, it’s always an exciting time! Lucky for us, But Here We Are will arrive very soon – it’s set to be released on June 2nd! Mark your calendars, because this is definitely going to be one we won’t want to sleep on!

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Over the years, Foo Fighters have released iconic bops and anthems that we can easily have on repeat day after day. Can you believe they’ve been blessing us with music since the mid-nineties? Their debut album came out in 1995! Their discography is massive. To get you hyped up and ready for their newest album, But Here We Are, we’ve pulled together a few of our favorites from over the years!

‘My Hero’

An iconic song from their 1997 album, The Colour And The Shape. It’s impossible not to sing along to the chorus of ‘My Hero.’ We always do whenever we hear it! You may remember hearing this one from the video of late drummer Taylor Hawkins’ tribute concert in London where we see his son, Shane Hawkins, take on the drum kit for the song with the band. It’s a moving song that we’ll always come back to.


Another classic from The Colour And The Shape. We couldn’t leave ‘Everlong’ off this list. It’s a masterpiece, a love story where two people are so completely connected. We’ve provided the original on this list, but you need to check out the acoustic version, too. That is so powerful!

‘Learn To Fly’

One of our favorites from Foo Fighter’s 1999 album, There Is Nothing Left To Lose. ‘Learn To Fly’ also has one of our favorite music videos. How could it not? We see Dave Grohl dressed up in all sorts of outfits on a plane in the music video. Jack Black and Kyle Gass from Tenacious D are in it as well! An iconic music video for an iconic bop. This one has always had us obsessed.

‘The Pretender’

We would say ‘The Pretender’ – which is from Foo Fighter’s 2007 album, Echoes, Silences, Patience & Grace – is one of the best songs to mosh to out of their discography. Picture yourself in the crowd of one of their shows. Can you see it? Can you feel it? We can, and we’ve got goosebumps just thinking about it! We love this fast-paced anthem with all of our hearts.


Foo Fighters released Wasting Light in 2011. We needed to highlight ‘Walk’ in particular. Not only is the song legendary, but the music video is, too! Did you know that the music video is a parody of Joel Schumacher’s 1993 movie Falling Down, starring Michael Douglas? Very fitting!

‘I Am A River’

The band released Sonic Highways in 2014, and ‘I Am A River’ is the final track of the album. It’s a sensational song, and its inspiration originates from the river than runs underneath New York City, Minetta Brook. The lyricism in this song is spectacular. We can’t get enough of this one!

‘Saint Cecilia’

This song is the namesake track of the band’s Saint Cecilia EP. Released in 2015, the EP consists of five incredible tracks. For us, ‘Saint Cecilia’ is a nod to the healing that music can provide. The song’s sound is reminiscent of Foo Fighters’ songs from more than a decade ago. We love this one so much!

‘Sunday Rain’

The more unique sound on this track has our ears soothed and souls at ease. ‘Sunday Rain’ comes from 2017’s Concrete and Gold, and it demonstrates the versatility of Foo Fighters so well. We love the pace of this song and the slight groovy edge in the mix of heavier lyrics. It’s six minutes of pure perfection!

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‘Medicine At Midnight’

The namesake track of the band’s 2021 album, Medicine At Midnight, is an absolute bop. The first ten seconds had us hooked when we first heard this song. It’s got a groove to it, and Dave Grohl’s iconic vocals hit hard. There was no way that we were keeping this song off this list. Everyone deserves to hear it!


Foo Fighters’ most recent single was released just this year, and this song will have its home on the upcoming album, But Here We Are. The album will be a perfect salute to their many years of making music, the memories, the tragic losses in their time together, and where they are today. ‘Rescued’ is the perfect first taster of that. An authentic glimmer and a nod to the healing powers of music and loved ones that surround us.

Foo Fighters’ 11th album, But Here We Are, will be ours to adore on June 2nd, and we couldn’t be more excited or grateful for that day to come.

What’s your favorite Foo Fighters song? Are you just as excited for But Here We Are as we are? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook, Instagram, and Discord.


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