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5 Gracie Abrams Songs That Your Playlist Needs

5 Gracie Abrams Songs That Your Playlist Needs

Gracie Abrams

We’re not even one month into 2023, and we’re already declaring it the year of Gracie Abrams. The 23-year-old singer/songwriter, best known for her signature hushed vocals and emotionally fueled songwriting, is quickly making a name for herself. She recently finished an opening stint for Olivia Rodrigo, and will soon begin one for the music industry herself, Taylor Swift. She sold out her own headlining tour, running through February and March, within less than a day. While we impatiently wait for Gracie’s debut album, Good Riddance, here’s five standout tracks by her that just hit different.

‘Where do we go now’

Gracie’s newest single contains some of her BEST lyricism, including a powerful and resonant bridge. If you’re a Swiftie trying to familiarize yourself with Gracie’s catalog, ahead of the Eras Tour, we recommend starting here. ‘Where do we go now’ is packed with expert imagery, as well as powerful lyrics sure to pull at your heartstrings.


Due to stigmas against mental illnesses, too many of us hide behind a facade of feeling “fine,” despite crumbling behind closed doors. A vulnerable and revealing track, there’s a good chance that ‘Camden’ might comfort you and make you feel seen. Songs that tackle complex topics like this one are extremely important right now.

‘Feels Like’

A defining opener to her 2021 EP, This Is What It Feels Like, this is perhaps Gracie’s most widely known song right now. Nothing is more cathartic than screaming “I would do whatever you wanted/We don’t have to leave the apartment/Met you at the right time/This is what it feels like” at the top of your lungs, trust us. The equally charged bridge also makes for a gut-wrenching, memorable song.


Arguably the best track on This Is What It Feels Like, ‘Rockland’ utilizes vocal dynamics and layering in a way that just works. The buildup during the bridge is just *chef’s kiss*!! Additionally, longtime Gracie fans will know the iconic head shake that precedes the line “If I were slightly nicer.”


Penned with two of Gracie’s “heroes” – Sarah Aarons and Joel Little – the haunting song flows as smoothly and freely as a journal entry. It exemplifies her unmatched talent for impactful and vivid storytelling. The listener feels as if they were there to witness the song’s events while Gracie unpacks them. An earlier cut from her discography, it sort of went on to define the course of her career.

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We can’t wait to continue watching this star’s career grow. Whether you’re a day one fan, or you just started listening to her, there’s no way to deny Gracie’s phenomenal talent. Are these five tracks your favorites too, or would you recommend different ones? Comment below, or let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


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