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TWICE Tracks To Stream Alongside ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’

TWICE Tracks To Stream Alongside ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’


Hello, ONCE did you miss us? Because we sure did miss you! Now, we all know why we are here. Not too long ago, TWICE released their second English single, ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,’ and let us tell you, it was great, it was amazing, it was everything we could’ve hoped for.


As we mentioned a second ago, ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ is their second English track; it also helps kick off their upcoming comeback and mini-album in March. We don’t know too much about the mini-album just yet, but if it’s going to be anything like ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,’ we can’t wait! But before we digress, let’s talk about the track!

Some standout moments from the track have to be Chaeyoung’s rap, the chorus, the delivery of “took a trip under moonlight / every day, every night,” and obviously those high notes around the 2:30 mark, they were all so good! Honestly, it wouldn’t be a TWICE track if it wasn’t catchy, and ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ really is that track. We’re honestly really digging the vibes of this track; if you like Ariana Grande songs, then we’re 100% you’ll love this one; even if you don’t, we know you’ll like it.

The opening music box sound, the colors, and the member’s outfits in the MV, make the track a true ‘ICON.’ Now, if you loved ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ as much as we did, we have the perfect TWICE tracks that should accompany your streaming party, and we know you’ll love them as well.


This track is almost self-explanatory, with ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’s’ lyrics “I got the moonlight / tequila sunrise,” and ‘Alcohol-Free‘s’ entire lyrics. Plus, you can never go wrong with this track, we believe it follows ‘Moonlight Sunrise’ nicely.


We think it is finally time y’all stop sleeping on ‘MAKE ME GO.’ The lyrics are amazing, so shout out to Nayeon, but also, Mina’s English rap was pure gold. Nothing can top this b-side.

‘First Time’

You know how we mentioned that Nayeon wrote the last track, well now it’s Jihyo’s turn with ‘First Time,’ and she did an amazing job. Plus the falsetto, y’all, we can’t, we just can’t.


We have another track off of the More & More, and rightfully so, it’s full of b-side bangers. Speaking of bangers, ‘FIREWORK’ really came out with a bang. Every girl’s part in this track is pure perfection, there is not much else to say.

‘Four-leaf Clover’

‘Four-leaf Clover’ is probably one of our fave songs off of Perfect World, the opening vocals and windchimes mixing together are so good, plus the transitions in the track, not only the crescendos but the vocals as well, make this our lucky song.

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Honestly, we just can’t get over ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE,’ we’re obsessed. And if you haven’t listened to the track yet, we may have a streaming link for you, right here.

So what did you think? Did you love ‘MOONLIGHT SUNRISE’ as much as we did? Are you excited for their upcoming mini-album? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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