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There’s ‘Nothing’ Better Than An Exclusive Interview With All-Rounder LEE JIN HYUK

There’s ‘Nothing’ Better Than An Exclusive Interview With All-Rounder LEE JIN HYUK

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Lee Jin Hyuk is not only one of our favorite performers but also an absolute workhorse, he’s releasing music, acting, and promoting everything in between. You may know Jinhyuk from K-Pop group UP10TION, maybe his solo stuff such as ‘Work Work’ or maybe even some of his K-Dramas, like Find Me In Your Memory or Check Out The Event. We told you he does a lot of stuff! The point we are trying to make is he does all this because why? He’s extremely talented and hardworking.

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It’s not just us that swoons when Lee Jin Hyuk talks passionately about what he does right? Well if we are, that’s soon gonna change, because we got all the deets about his past, current, and future projects. And it’s not something you’ll want to miss, so let’s get into it.

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You’ve released three EPs and an album so far as a solo artist with all of your music being quite rap-focused and we have to admit ‘Work Work’ has gotten us through a couple of long days at work. What has been your favorite song so far? What can we expect from new and upcoming Jinhyuk music?
My favorite song is an ‘Asteroid!’ I want to try LEE JIN HYUK-like music. And I want to do it that as soon as you listen to music, or I want to play music that makes everyone think, “Oh! It’s LEE JIN HYUK’s music.” And I want to show you LEE JIN HYUK doing music like that.

Your music has been pretty upbeat so far. Is there a genre you’d like to try next?
I want to write a song with a darker and heavier feeling. I always want to work on various songs to show you a new side of me.

We know that besides your amazing rap and performance skills you have some very nice vocals, this makes you an incredibly talented allrounder. What skill of yours are you most proud of? Anything you struggled with the most?
Thank you for telling me so. But I hope my skills get better. I want to show you a better performance than now, so I will continue to work harder and show you a better performance in the future.

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We are huge K-Drama fans here at THP and we know you’ve been active as an actor alongside being a singer. What is the biggest difference between performing on stage and performing on a set? What do you like most about each?
The stage where we perform is happy, to be able to breathe together with fans and audiences, giving each other energy and sharing unforgettable times. And, I think the filming set for the drama is a good process of expressing and creating characters in the work in front of the camera, not the LEE JIN HYUK individual. In this regard, the stage and set are clearly different, but I think they are similar in that I can show my new self and entertain my fans while working happily.

You’ve worked with huge industry seniors on K-Dramas like Find Me In Your Memory (one of our favorites of yours) and Check Out The Event. What has been some advice you have gotten from your seniors? Any habits you picked up from them?
The advice that seniors always give was, “Keep your mind at ease and do what you’ve been doing.” Even if I memorized the entire script and went to the filming set when the filming started, I was nervous, my body stiffened, and there were times when I couldn’t even speak properly. So, while analyzing the character, I practice alone, memorize the script hard, and prepare a lot so that I can be a little more comfortable on set.

Being on so many K-Dramas so far you must be pretty used to being on a set. How has your filming experience helped you while filming music videos? Do you approach filming differently now when preparing for a music video shoot?
Filming a drama and a music video is very different. If a music video expresses my music in a variety of ways and I am thinking about whether to include it in the video. I think that filming a drama is completely different because it is important to breathe with the actors who appear together, to express the character’s color and emotions

You first debuted in the group Up10tion. How has it felt going from promoting as a group to having to fill the stage on your own?
To be honest, it was difficult when I first stood on stage as a solo LEE JIN HYUK than in a group. There was pressure to fill the stage that I had filled with the members as a group previously by myself. And, I think my heart, not wanting to disappoint the expectations of the fans who look after me, has made me stronger and more persistent. I’m used to it now, but I felt a lot of pressure when I was preparing for my first solo album.

Lastly, a greeting to the fans.
There’s not much time left in 2021. There are times when I think, “Is it already 2022?.” But in 2022, the SBS drama Why Oh Soo-jae, which I am currently filming, will be broadcast, so I also want 2022 to come as soon as possible. I am working hard and preparing to show a better side of myself in the future. I hope you all have a healthy ending in 2021, and I hope to see you more often in 2022. Thank you.

We told you, you would swoon! How are we not supposed to fall for the star, when he is just so talented?

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What’s your favorite release from Lee Jin Hyuk? Are you excited for Why Oh Soo-jae? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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Words by: Selina Kuhn & Valerie Valdez.

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of TOP Media, Edited by: Jen Southern – THP Graphic Design Team

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