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Rae, A Drop of Golden Sun: Ashe’s Sophomore Album Is A Triumph

Rae, A Drop of Golden Sun: Ashe’s Sophomore Album Is A Triumph

It’s the day we have all been waiting for, and a confident joy has filled THP HQ. We’ve woken up early like the eager little Ashe simps that we truly are. The sun is starting to glitter through our window, as we smile to one another. “It’s Ashe Day everyone!” buzzes the chat across a sea of curled hair just for the occasion. We have cupcakes with Ashe’s face on them – as is the only acceptable way to celebrate an album release – and we’re blasting the 14 tracks of Ashe’s Rae, taking in this exquisite album for the final time before it is unveiled to the world. Yep, today is going to be a good day. We’ve truly lived with this album, and now you get to too, and besties, we are so excited for you.

We hope you’re reading this as Rae fills your home and your earholes; as we share the love and excitement for this astronomical sophomore album. If not, here’s the link. Off you go, we’ll wait!

Stand Out Rae‘s Of Light

Rae feels truly authentic to Ashe, the artist we have known and loved for so long, and yet, it feels so different. Not in musical prowess, unique Ashe vibe, or the innate ability to stick in our heads after the first listen; but in…. confidence? Rae is giving “I know who I am, I know what I want, like it or leave it, but I’m gonna be present for all of it.” It’s also giving Diane Keaton… and with all of that, we are invested.

Let’s be honest, if we were to dive into every highlight of this delicious album, you’d still be reading it come Christmas. So, we’re breaking it down with our five Rae‘s of light from this triumphant record!

‘Rae’s Theme’

They say the best things come in tiny little packages, and we say ‘Rae’s Theme’ is one of them. This is the power Ashe holds – to start an album without singing a single word. It’s setting an intention, both musically with its bluesy building soundscape; and sonically, with its undeniable confidence. Immediately, Ashe musically lets us know that she knows Rae is sh* t hot; and she’s done it without a single lyric! In fact, the lack of words here is really a lyric in its own right; and we want to kiss Ashe’s big brain energy for this.

And a top tip from your Ashe besties here at The Honey POP: Play ‘Rae’s Theme’ and track two ‘Another Man’s Jeans’ with gapless playback. You need to experience the climactic satisfaction of how this track melts into the next. It made us tingle.


We are so thankful ‘omw’ blessed us as the most recent single from Rae. With this incredible song, came one of the most visually ambitious productions from across all of Ashe’s music videos. Directed by long-term collaborator Jason Lester, we see Ashe dressed as us and her fans a clown, performing at birthday parties. She seems to ponder her current position and how that correlates to the potential and dreams once manifested. Yet lyrically, ‘omw’ is sprinkled with hope. Hope that, through whatever storm, there are better things coming, as long as you continue to reach for them.

“I’m on my way / the light is blinding/ baby my time / no, it might not be today / but I’m on my way.” We think we speak for everyone, when we say it is today Ashe. It’s your time, and we’re just glad we get to be here to witness it. Bonus points for spotting the many easter eggs scattered throughout the video too!

‘Loose Ends’

‘Loose Ends’ is absolutely one of our favorite tracks on Rae, for so many reasons! Delicate verses filled with warm layered harmonies, the country-filled guitar melody that could easily transport us to a smoke-filled room in Nashville, and did we hear a harmonica? It’s all of those things and more, but we just realized the biggest reason that ‘Loose Ends’ speaks to us with every single listen: We can completely imagine this song live on tour.

Close your eyes and imagine Ashe center stage, spot-lit, with stripped-back instruments as the delicate verses ascend over her adoring audience. We’re picturing a hushed room as the opening verse ascends to the rafters before a crescendo of audience participation as that full chorus rips through the crowd. The potential for ‘Loose Ends’ on tour is giving us goosebumps. We’re gonna need to be involved in a fan project during this song, please.

Image Source: Jen Southern for The Honey POP
‘Love Is Letting Go’

Seeing your hero meet their own hero, is a special kind of happiness. And it is exactly what happened on ‘Love Is Letting Go.’ Diane Keaton entered the chat, rolled up her turtle neck, and slayed, and we could not be more here for it. We know how much this must have meant to Ashe, not just because… well, she told us… but just imagine how we’d feel if we got to work on music with Ashe!

Our absolute stand-out moment of ‘Love Is Letting Go’ is the joint delivery of the lyric “The moon won’t ever tell the sun that it can’t rise.” Such a poetically gut-wrenching visual, paired so delicately with the finger-picked guitar and brass instruments. Thanks for making us smile while crying, Ashe. Every tiny detail of this song created the perfect ambiance for this beautiful song and the celebration of a friendship between two stars.

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‘Count On Me’

Does anyone else hear ‘Oh Happy Day’ from Sister Act, in the intro to ‘Count On Me?’ Answers on a postcard, but this immediately made us smile! Slay the boots down, Houston I’m deceased, the entire instrumental and melodic story of this song is perfection. It tickles little bits of our brain that we didn’t know needed tickling. We’ve counted on Ashe from day one, and we always will. Is it any surprise that this is in fact, our favorite song on the entire album? Seriously, we called it back in June!

Image Source: The Honey POP

‘Count On Me’ is a *chef’s kiss* triumph in every possible way. We are physically jumping at the thought of this track on tour. The cymbal-driven first verse gives promise to what is coming: a crashing entry of the drum beat on that unexpectedly heavy chorus. Ashe has pulled us into ‘Count On Me’ and we are sold. We claim this track, we want to climb inside its chorus and live there. How can we become this song, without being dramatic?

Rae is a no-skip album, full of quirks, vocals for days, signature bluesy warmth, and the musical comfort we flock to Ashe for. Not only has Ashe not fallen to the curse of the sophomore album, she has ground up that curse, put it in her morning coffee, and had it for breakfast. Ashlyn Rae Willson, you have created an absolute masterpiece. We are so excited to see this album flourish in the way that it, and you, truly deserve.

What do you think of our Rae review? What are your Rae‘s of light in this album? Which songs are you most excited to hear live? We want to know it all. Come hang out on socials, we’re everywhere! Tweet us at @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and Instagram. Discord more your thing? Well, surprise, we’re there too! Join our hive!


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