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Ashe Releases ‘Emotional,’ And She Can Run Us Over Any Time She Wants Tbh

Ashe Releases ‘Emotional,’ And She Can Run Us Over Any Time She Wants Tbh

Ashe’s sex-positive confidence era has entered the chat, and we are living for it. In fact, we’re feeling pretty ‘Emotional’ over it, tbh. Ashe dropped her fifth single ‘Emotional’ from her upcoming sophomore album Rae, on August 26th, and it may just be our fave Rae single to date! If you’ve been hanging around our hive for a hot minute, you’ll know that for every single Ashe release, we say “we couldn’t be prouder of Ashe,” and then for every single subsequent Ashe release, we somehow prove ourselves wrong! This latest single is a masterpiece. So join us as we simp for Ashe. Again.

Image Source: Album Artwork, Mom + Pop, Courtesy of The Oriel Co.

We’re Not In ‘Kansas’ Anymore

We’re certainly not in ‘Kansas’ anymore with this new single, and yet, ‘Emotional’ is giving us the same melodic excitement we felt with ‘Kansas,’ potentially our god-tier tune from Ashe’s debut full-length, Ashlyn. ‘Emotional’ is musically unexpected but an instant earworm, with its fast tempo yet stripped-back simplicity, not unlike ‘Kansas.’ Yet, it’s lustfully and sonically more mature. Plus, we’ve been “hey hey”-ing around THP HQ since ‘Emotional’ dropped, and if you don’t know what we mean, go stream it and then come back. It’s okay, we’ll wait.

Rae, A Drop Of Golden Sun”

Melodically, one of our favorite songwriting skills of Ashe is her use of sound as its own subtext in her music, and she’s front and center of a masterclass of this skill on ‘Emotional.’ Let’s take the opening lyric: “I don’t wanna run you over heavy on the gas / I’m a million miles an hour and I’m never coming last” – Firing out of the gates, this lyric is screaming its intent, painting a fast-paced and unapologetic desire. But songwriting isn’t just the words!

Ashe ignites this lyric with its vocal delivery on a musical scale, sliding through the notes with precision, rising and falling, up and down, throughout the song’s verses, again and again with the utmost control. We’re not saying this is a metaphor for the song’s topic… but, yeah, we kinda are. It’s giving the climbing musical scale of ‘Do-Re-Mi’ from The Sound Of Music, but with less… you know… nuns? Wait…. “Do-Rae-Mi”…. Rae.

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We’re so here for carefree and confident Ashe, owning her space and prioritizing her own enjoyment, expression, wishes, and self-assurance. It’s been a theme throughout so many Rae singles so far, and we’re not expecting that to stop any time soon. From ‘Another Man’s Jeans‘ to ‘Hope You’re Not Happy,’ and now ‘Emotional,’ Ashe is stripping away the societal boundaries and diluted expectations placed on so many people, including women, and the empowerment that fills these songs is palpable. From proclaiming her “tongue’s not tied” on ‘Angry Woman’ to vocalizing her appetite for casual encounters on ‘Emotional,’ Ashe is taking back her freedom to speak her truth.

I’m stepping into a fun and sexy era. We care too much about what others think of us. When I don’t pay attention to that, the songs break through the noise. The biggest thing I want you to pull from the album is, “Do your thing, have fun, and don’t give a sh*t about what people think.”

Ashe on the message of Rae

Psychedelic Waves, But Enough About The Hair

With this self-empowered new single, comes a fresh yet timeless music video, as Ashe is now known for. But you won’t find any ‘Till Forever Falls Apart‘-esque choreography here. Ashe, with her now signature tight ringlet curls, instead brings psychedelic charm in this free-to-vibe, bouncy, and nostalgic ‘Emotional’ music video. Erm, was that a banana?

With her live band front and center, and stage scenery reminiscent of ’60s Beatlemania and The Velvet Underground’s live performance at Andy Warhol’s Factory, the ‘Emotional’ visuals are giving freedom and love, baby. The clear color palette of red, amber, and green lights at the start of the video, is giving traffic lights and Ashe calling the shots on how fast this thing gets to go, before the full plethora of colors, shapes, and visual effects take over this trippy Cavern Club aesthetic. We’re transported to the sex-positive and self-expressive hippie era of the ’60s, an ultra-fitting vibe with lyrics like “Could’ve been the music or it could’ve been the moon.” As Ashe bounces around the stage and claims her spotlight, we want to throw down our hair and, with it, our inhibitions. Let’s go!

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We’re So Ready For Rae

‘Emotional’ is clearly one of our favorite Ashe releases to date, and while Ashe knows what she wants with this single, we know what we want too! We want Rae! Thankfully, there’s not long to wait! Ashe’s sophomore album drops on October 14th, and if you haven’t already, run don’t walk, and pre-order it here!

We’re getting so ‘Emotional’ over our love for Ashe, and we can’t wait for October! If you love ‘Emotional’ as much as we do, you’re going to be screaming over Rae. And trust us, we should know, we’ve already heard it! You are not ready besties!

What do you love most about Ashe? Have you broken out your hair curler yet? Come and chat to us and get all ‘Emotional’ on socials! We live on the bird app @thehoneypop or you can catch us on Facebook and Instagram.


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