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Exclusive Premiere: Lily Donat With ‘Build It’

Exclusive Premiere: Lily Donat With ‘Build It’

Okay everybody buckle up for this one! Why? Because we have a new fantastic artist for you to stan! The wonderful Lily Donat. We have fallen in love with this talented singer and hope you will join us because we have good news for you today. We bring you new music!

The Los Angeles native singer has been writing songs for a while but you might also recognize her from her being featured in I Am Woman. Is there something Lily isn’t good at?! We love how versatile she is and obviously, so is her music. She usually goes for music that is loaded with meaning, analogies, and raw personal emotions of darkness and hope.

Why are her songs so personal and real? Well, Lily Donat is literally using pages of her diary she’s willing to share with the world to write the lyrics for her music! Now, if that isn’t a reason to stan Lily we don’t know what is. It doesn’t get more real than your personal private thoughts in your diary. And on the topic of songs about real and messy things, Lily is here with her new song called ‘Build It!’

‘Build It’ is perfect for this season, when the temperatures slowly start to drop as the summer heat of August ends and we move into one of the best seasons – fall! And so Lily Donat made it her goal to bring us comfort for this season with her new song ‘Build It.’

As her inspiration came from trees and how perfect nature is, we would say that just underlines the fact of how perfect this song is for autumn. Hello, have you seen trees during fall? Magnificent! But besides being a tribute to mother nature the song is also for all of the girls out there. Lily Donat is here to tell you that you are enough, you are more than your partner, you are strong and you can achieve it all. We love this message and that’s why we have put Lily at the top of our stan list.

Honestly, we are getting Taylor Swift meets Colbie Caillat vibes with ‘Build It.’ Yes, we absolutely love it. Sprinkle a bit of HAIM into the mix and you got this song. But let us take a step back because this is what Lily herself had to say about the song.

I started writing this song on the back of a motorcycle, looking up at redwoods. I started to feel the divinity of nature, and it felt separate from any people or memories associated with it; the trees were beautiful and perfect on their own. That’s when the lyric “And he didn’t build it” popped into my head, and it resonated deeply. This song is a celebration of wildness, adventure, and femininity that is separate from the boyfriend you traipsed through the woods with, or even the patriarchy that is so embedded in our culture, and aims to dull the untamed feminine force that blooms with nature. Originally more solemn and folk-y, the song became an optimistic pop banger in the studio. Stefan Mac, a great previous collaborator, produced the song.

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Like what you read and heard? Stream ‘Build It’ here.

And before you go, let us know your thoughts on ‘Build It’ in the comments down below, or chat with us over on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram!

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