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Jake Scott’s Debut Album Lavender Is A Luxury Listen

Jake Scott’s Debut Album Lavender Is A Luxury Listen


Have you ever wanted to listen to an album that feels like you’re looking into a precious scrapbook of someone’s memories? Or the feeling of when you go into a vintage shop and stumble across abandoned photos and wonder about their story, and you begin filling in the blanks? The wave of nostalgia that one experiences and creates in those moments is captivating and warming. Jake Scott’s debut album, Lavendercaptures that swell of love, difficulties, loss, rejuvenation, etc., all that makes life so compelling. Lavender is Jake Scott’s depiction of his nostalgia.

If You Have A Sentimental Heart, This Album Is For You

From start to finish, each song has been beautifully written to tell truthful stories of events in Jake Scott’s life. These are scenarios listeners may have been in themselves or long to be in. Regardless, each song evokes a different deep feeling that drives up sentiment for what we want: love, joy, growth, and authenticity.

We don’t want to spoil the entire album for you, but we want to highlight a few tracks that capture those sentiments.

Courtesy of Connor Dwyer + Rachel Dwyer


This sweet song is reminiscent of a gentle moment of realizing you’re falling for someone. It’s in a small and inconspicuous way that gets you hooked. It’s not overwhelmed with fear but a calming excitement. In the way lavender flowers bloom, it’s gorgeous, serene, and the beginning of devotion to another.

‘Married Young’

What a song! It’s what a romantic heart dreams about. Jake brings to life each step of falling in love throughout this song. The initial meeting. Then, giving into your heart and trusting it to another. The need for both partners to be willing to look past what fears people are projecting. With lyrics such as “why would I want to take it slow when I know I have found the one” and “if we’re just gonna grow up, I want to grow up next to you” being sung, it’s no wonder why this song is pulling at the heartstrings.

‘One On The Way’

If you firmly believe in happenstance moments, this song is for you. As Jake sings, “Some chances you take change your whole life,” a listener can not help but feel how mystifying it can be when things align just right. It’s a feeling of the stars aligning or a bit of the invisible string theory tying two people who were meant to be together finally meeting.

It’s a song for those who love the idea of a meet-cute. You bump into someone at a bookstore, the pub, a gig, or anywhere that feels “not traditional,” and something grows from that. It’s a fun song describing how one singular moment blooms into fantasy. Making you feel like you are grasping for memories you can’t wait for with this person.

‘Out Of The Blue’

No one enjoys being left hanging when it comes to romance. Waiting for someone to come and see why we are the right choice for them is exhausting. This song is the opposite of ‘Late Night Alibi,’ which focuses on the bite-size attention you receive from a one-sided relationship. Or modernly known as a situationship where one person gives their time and heart to another who only sees them as a late-night option. ‘Late Night Alibi’ feels cold and shut off.

Meanwhile, ‘Out Of The Blue’ is defrosting from that. The individual Jake is singing about changes course and reciprocates the feelings. After those late nights of uncertainty, those moments of waiting sparked something. Something unknown changed, but he finally “won” over the girl. Despite it being a relief to get the girl, the backing track still sounds melancholic. As if it is too good to be true to get the one that he wanted.

But it wasn’t! The rest of the album portrays how Jake Scott’s relationship with his wife and family has grown. Even with the music on the album being about his specific experiences, certainly, any listener can find themselves within, if not each song, a majority of the tracks.

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“I’ve been building toward it for years – one song at a time, one step at a time, one experience at a time. And it’s finally here! I put every bit of my heart and soul into this album, and I hope you love it. I hope you see yourself in it. I hope it feels like magic.

Jake Scott

Lavender Is A Strong Debut Alternative Pop Album

Jake Scott has been showing the world his talents for many years. It’s a considerable feat that he went from a DIY artist in 2018 to a deal with Elektra Records in 2020. With Lavender, an album out that feels like you’re inside, watching each story come to life, Jake’s career is elevating. If you haven’t listened to the album or the tracks we shared above yet, you have to now! Here is your opportunity to jam out to Lavender. 

This is an artist that you don’t want to miss out on. It’s time to get on board with Jake Scott’s journey. There’s no better way to do this than with us! Tell us in the comments below what your three favorite tracks are on the album. Or head over to our socials, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, to start the conversation with us there. We can’t wait to all be Team Jake Scott from here on out!


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