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Remembering It’s Okay To Love With Maddie Ashman’s ‘I’d Rather Fall’

Remembering It’s Okay To Love With Maddie Ashman’s ‘I’d Rather Fall’


There is something in the air and it’s guiding us deeper into our soft era. As we are learning to let go of things that have caused us to have grudges, we are also healing internally and externally. A few key things to heal are our inner teen and our concept of love. Those two go hand in hand as many of us have experienced our first loves or serious crushes as teens. This is where many of us have experienced our first heartbreaks and over time that can make us bitter. However, in ‘I’d Rather Fall’ by Maddie Ashman, we are reminded of the importance of healing our inner teens and taking steps toward love. 

Her vocals on ‘I’d Rather Fall’ are vibrant and they will wrap you into the tune’s embrace. ‘I’d Rather Fall’ is a gorgeous track that feels like a warm hug on a cold rainy day. This is a song you put on when you’re laying on your bed and writing in your journal about how your concept of love has changed. Or sitting in a cafe and thinking about how you wish you could go back in time and tell your younger self what you know now. Maddie Ashman’s storytelling will transport you there! 

‘I’d Rather Fall’ is, without a doubt, the perfect ethereal emotional pop song. We cried while listening to it as it spoke simultaneously to our inner teen and our current adult experiences. ‘I’d Rather Fall’ by Maddie Ashman explores the risk of being open to experiencing love

Heartbreak Is Vulnerability

At age 16, what did any of us know about love? We knew we wanted to experience it and we wanted to be in control of it. On ‘I’d Rather Fall,’ Maddie sings about setting boundaries, creating “rules” for how many dates you need to go on to admit you feel something, and having the mindset of “I’ve seen all the films before,” which makes romantic love feel unobtainable. Meanwhile, the chorus has a swell vocal layer reverb that forms a daydream feeling as she sings, “I’d rather fall than feel nothing at all.” 

Maddie is beautifully talented in her songwriting abilities, and it really made us feel a deep connection to this song. Throughout the song, there is a theme of wanting to significantly control the love. We know that we can’t control how we love, who we love, or when love appears. Ultimately, we want to control love because we want to prevent unrequited love, not love the person who cheated, not chase the person who broke our heart, or not fall in love “quickly.” We want to control it – to be in control of love and to know how to control our heartbreak. However, heartbreak is a measure of vulnerability from the willingness to love openly. 

As we get older, we can tend to lose the ability to sometimes be soft, vulnerable, and go forward with our feelings. Sometimes we need to be a teen again and lean into the risk of following our heart boldly. Even as adults, when we have a crush, we can feel like teens as we are starting the cycle again. It can be scary to love. But what if you do let go, jump without a safety net, and see where the new adventure takes you? As Maddie sings, “I’d rather fall than feel nothing at all,” it’s calling us out to follow our hearts. If you don’t allow yourself to experience love and heartache, you shut yourself out from the world. 

‘I’d Rather Fall’ is about inevitably falling in love when you hadn’t planned to, it’s about the simultaneous thrill and terror of letting go and running with your feelings. Although the lyrics are personal, it feels like such a universal experience, and I wanted to capture this in the song.

Maddie Ashman

Maddie Ashman Is Reminding Us To Fall In Love

Taking the risk of falling even if it hurts, can and does result in growing with yourself. It’s time to have a chat with our younger selves and say it’s okay to love, cry, and heal. It doesn’t make it less real or powerful. As Maddie sings so sweetly at the end of the song, “I had a nice time, even if it scared me.” 

‘I’d Rather Fall’ provides us an opportunity to embrace that love just happens. Do not undermine that crush, the love for your partner, or the love for yourself. Regardless of how love manifests for you, run with your feelings. Allow your feelings to take you into a daydream and get swept into this soft song!

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Maddie Ashman is stealing and healing our hearts in this highly relatable and emotional track! Maddie’s unique signature within her songwriting components is using the microtonal guitar, which has frets that can move to create new sounds. With her songwriting skills and delicate vocal talent, it’s not surprising that she was the runner-up on BBC 1’s Live Lounge competition last year for her song ‘6AM.’ Maddie also landed in 3rd place at the International Microtonal Guitar Competition, and we love that she’s getting such amazing recognition for her work!

‘I’d Rather Fall’ isn’t the only song that demonstrates Maddie’s talent and leaves us in awe. We recommend that you check out ‘Nuclear Fusion’ with Tolgahan Çoğulu to hear the microtonal guitar add an indie elemental fusion behind her voice. Two other songs that we suggest that you listen to along with ‘I’d Rather Fall’ are ‘postcard from London’ with Oscar Anton and ‘Give me Places.’ We promise you’ll love them!

Maddie says that “cello is the new pop” and we want to know what you think of her dazzling unique style of music! THP also wants to know about how ‘I’d Rather Fall’ got you into your feelings – leave a comment below or send us a lovely tweet to @thehoneypop! You can also find us on Facebook or Instagram and let us know there. If you enjoyed Maddie Ashman and you want more of our pop faves, look no further, we have you covered


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