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Exclusive Premiere: Jordana Bryant Is Reclaiming Her Time, With Brand New Single ‘Can I Get It Back’

Exclusive Premiere: Jordana Bryant Is Reclaiming Her Time, With Brand New Single ‘Can I Get It Back’

It’s said that there are five stages of moving on after a break-up: Denial, anger, sadness, bargaining, and finally, acceptance. But what about that funny little space of a break-up? The one where you’ve accepted it, even if they haven’t, but you’re still low key mad that you spent your time on them? It’s the regret stage of a split, and on-the-rise country pop sensation Jordana Bryant knows it all too well! Her brand new single, premiering exclusively here at The Honey POP, takes us on that journey as she reclaims her time from the person she’s leaving in her past, and asks, ‘Can I Get It Back?’

I wrote ‘Can I Get It Back’ about wishing I could get back the time I wasted on a relationship. I feel like a lot of the time when you reflect on an experience that didn’t go how you had wanted, you often wish you could do things differently. So, I wanted to write a song about that and about how maybe if you had known that your relationship wasn’t going to work out, you could have saved yourself a lot of trouble.

Jordana Bryant on ‘Can I Get It Back’

Oh, how we can relate, Jordana! Now, if you’ll just excuse us for two secs, we’re going to send ‘Can I Get It Back’ to our ex. While we’re doing that, check it out right here at THP, as we bring you this incredible exclusive first listen! This is Jordana Bryant, and trust us, you’re gonna want to get used to her name!

See, we told you! ‘Can I Get It Back’ is a roaring success from this star, and we kinda hope the person this is about listens to it in their car for the first time, and spots Jordana’s lipstick rolling around! Dear Jordana, please give us this visual if there’s a music video coming our way! In the meantime, you can preorder and presave ‘Can I get It Back’ right here!

Image Source: Single artwork – Riser House, courtesy of Marbaloo Marketing

Heartbroken melancholy? We don’t know her. Jordana Bryant is serving us, reclaiming wasted time, and knowing your worth on ‘Can I Get It Back,’ and we’re here for it. At just 17 years old, Jordana’s lyrical and musical sophistication never fails to astound, and her gritty country-pop aesthetic on this latest single drives her mature sound forward. And it’s a skill she’s been honing since she was just 10 years old when she picked up a guitar with her Dad! Imagine starting your musical journey so young, and, just seven years later, releasing this Nashville country-pop gem! The work ethic, passion, and raw talent of Jordana Bryant needs to be studied!

Jordana Bryant is here to make 2023 hers, and we are ready. If 2022 was anything to go by, this next year is going to be filled with success for the oh-so-talented Jordana Bryant. Aside from chatting to us last year (check it out!), Jordana made her CMA Fest debut, stepped out on stage as Bailey Stone in May We All: A New Country Musical, opened for country music trio Restless Road, and of course, gave us her staggering 2022 discography. Jordana Bryant’s passion shines through everything she does. Already well aware of the rise of Jordana Bryant? Well her viral 2022 megahit ‘New Friends’ probably had something to do with that! With a jam-packed 2022, and now starting of this year with the bad*ss break-up comeback that is ‘Can I Get It Back,’ we know 2023 is going to be the year of Jordana Bryant. If you can’t already tell, we’re ‘Guilty’ of being massive Jordana stans, and you should be too!

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Are you as obsessed with ‘Can I Get It Back’ as we are? Which piece of your past are you sending it to? Tell us it all! We live on socials (no, like actually). Hit us up at on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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