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Here’s How Dreamcatcher Pioneered Rock In K-Pop

Here’s How Dreamcatcher Pioneered Rock In K-Pop

Dreamcatcher has always stood out from the crowd with their mind blowing talent and unique sound. Ever since their debut as a 7-member group in 2017, Dreamcatcher has been the face of rock in K-Pop and pioneered the genre in this industry. While K-bands have also had an immense impact, we cannot ignore how Dreamcatcher was the first K-pop group, in the classical sense of the word, to make Rock as clearly as they do. And with this, they pioneered the influence of this amazing genre in the industry. Here’s how they did it.

Their Debut

Now, if you’re new to Dreamcatcher, you might not know their entire history. So let’s back it up a bit. Initially, five of the seven members of Dreamcatcher debuted in a group called MINX. It had a much different concept from Dreamcatcher – it was joyful, girly, and bright. Basically, nothing to do with the image Dreamcatcher has developed through the years.

They re-debuted in 2017 under the name of Dreamcatcher adding two new members, Handong and Gahyeon. History was already in the making. The concept took a 180 when Dreamcatcher not only debuted with an extremely dark and mysterious concept but also with a rock sound. And they didn’t mess around with the rock sound – ‘Chase Me‘ is pure rock. Their concept is truly unlike any other out there. And it was clear from day one that this is what they were meant to do. After all, their main singer, Siyeon, had already been in a rock band before. It was meant to be.

Dreamcatcher debuting was a risk in every sense of the word. They debuted under a very small company, with a very unique concept and a sound unlike any other K-Pop group out there. It earned them a lot of criticism, hate, and skepticism from the general public. But Dreamcatcher and their team stuck to their guts and it paid off.

Their Discography

The thing about Dreamcatcher is that it’s not only about the concept or the title tracks. The influence of rock is shown in probably every single one of their songs. The fact that most of their music was produced by the same duo, Leez, and Ollounder, turns their discography into a truly cohesive yet experimental marvel.

Throughout their career, they’ve experimented with different types of rock. Their Japanese releases are really inspired by Japanese rock in general – the epitome of anime opening titles, if you will. Their title tracks vary from heavy rock to pop rock. And their b-sides have an immense range. Rock to Dreamcatcher is not only a concept but actually their brand, what they love doing, and what they’re best at. That being said, they can do it all. Their love for the genre is truly palpable and makes their music incredibly genuine.

The Mixture of Rock With Other Genres

While their music is most notoriously influenced by rock, don’t let that fool you into thinking this is all Dreamcatcher is about. What makes their music even more interesting and timeless is how experimental and varied it is. Rock might be the base of most of their songs, but that never stops them more mixing and matching with another genre. And they’re truly the best at it.

One of the biggest examples of this is their 2020 release, ‘Scream.’ This song is very heavy in its rock influence, yet at the same time, it is very inspired by EDM. Other good examples of this hybrid genre are songs like ‘PIRI’ and ‘BOCA.’

Indeed, while Dreamcatcher are the best at the rock genre, they’re also never scared to take one step further and explore different influences, genres, and create unique and never-heard-before music. Dreamcatcher established themselves as the face of rock in K-Pop and they take it one step further with every single comeback. They don’t only own rock, but they reinvent it every time, and that’s how they’ve left their mark.

The Message Behind Their Music

Historically, rock has almost always been about more than the music itself. It’s about having a message and standing up for yourself and what you believe in. And Dreamcatcher has always done that.

When it comes to the music itself, songs like ‘MAISON‘ and ‘BOCA’ are a perfect example of how Dreamcatcher take a stand with their music. ‘BOCA‘ speaks against violence and bullying. Whereas ‘MAISON’ takes an even more political stand by raising awareness of climate change and global warming.

Likewise, through their words and actions, Dreamcatcher have always been loud when it comes to standing up for themselves and their fans. One of the biggest examples of this is their outspoken support for the LGBTQ+ community. Things like the girls holding flags at concerts, wearing pins to support the transgender community, and covering songs openly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community may be small actions, but they mean the world. Dreamcatcher have truly created a safe space for everyone through their music and their actions.

They’ve indeed never been scared to speak their mind about what they care about, even in an industry that tried to put them down every single time.

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Their Legacy

Dreamcatcher is the blueprint of rock in K-Pop, and we’re not the only ones to see that. Their reputation precedes them. In 2021, Dreamcatcher became the first K-Pop group to perform at one of the most important festivals: the Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona.

We mentioned K-bands before, as they’ve obviously been one of the main reasons for the popularization of rock in K-Pop. And even these bands take inspiration from Dreamcatcher. That’s just how much they’ve left a mark in this industry. Recently, the k-band Rolling Quartz covered Dreamcatcher’s first comeback, ‘GOOD NIGHT’ for their comeback. They’ve also been constantly praised by bands such as DAY6.

Dreamcatcher introduced rock (rock by women) into an industry that was in every way against them. We have them to thank for the amazing rock trend that has been developing in K-Pop during the past year. Dreamcatcher will always be the face of rock in K-Pop.

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