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DREAMCATCHER and ‘BOCA’ Left Everyone Speechless

DREAMCATCHER and ‘BOCA’ Left Everyone Speechless

Dreamcatcher is back with ‘BOCA’, and it’s amazing. Their comeback was announced in late July and surprise! The time has come. With their first full-length album released earlier this year, their fifth mini-album, Dystopia: Lose Myself, and their title track ‘BOCA’ we’ve got tons to talk about. Whew!

We’re here to fill you in on it all.

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The title track

This time, Dreamcatcher’s title track is ‘BOCA’ which means “mouth” in Spanish. According to one of the members, SuA, with this song, they “wanted to send out a message of hope to the people who are hurt by the irresponsible words of others.”

When it comes to sound, they tried something different. The verses changed, but in the explosive chorus, you can hear the rock instruments that are the Dreamcatcher signature sound. They managed to mix new elements and they did it wonderfully.

Highlights of this song are Dami’s first verse, as she opens up with “hold up”, grabbing all of our attention. The bridge has amazing vocals from JiU, SuA, and especially Siyeon as she slays her adlibs during the last chorus. Gahyeon is the one that shines the most though, she opens the song and has a killer rap in the second verse. Throughout the song, the vocals are amazing. Yoohyeon’s lines right before the drop are something you will remember for sure.

Source: ‘BOCA’ Music Video

When it comes to the music video this one is full of color. Like always, it has a killer choreography and beautiful visuals. This is something you’re gonna want to watch several times. They go from dancing in the street to being in a fountain with long dresses.

Dreamcatcher made sure everyone knew they were the definition of duality with ‘BOCA’.

Dystopia: Lose Myself

This mini-album is the second part of the Dystopia trilogy. Just like most of their discography, it was mostly composed and produced by LEEZ and Ollounder. Dreamcatcher tried out different genres with each song yet still staying true to themselves. Again, they showed this time more than ever that they’re all about duality.

As usual, the album includes an instrumental intro that leads onto their explosive title track ‘BOCA’. From the beginning, Dreamcatcher makes a big statement on how they’re able to mix and match different genres into an amazing song. The album goes then into what feels like an emo song from the 2000s. A very Evanescence-like song, ‘Break The Wall’. Dami participated in the writing and her verse slaps. The effect on their voices in the verses creates an amazing atmosphere, and the vocals in the chorus are no joke.

And from emo, they go onto EDM. ‘Can’t get you out of my mind’ is a slower song with softer vocals, and it’s entirely sung in English. However, the chorus is explosive. It’s a very emotional song that brings in all the feels.

‘Dear’ is a beautiful calming ballad that was written solely by the leader, JiU, for their fans, InSomnias. She also participated in composing and arranging it. This song shows off all their vocals individually, and it finishes to show how diverse their songs can be.

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With ‘BOCA’ and Dystopia: Lose Myself, Dreamcatcher outdid themselves. Not only ‘BOCA’ is fresh and original, but also all their b-sides are so special and are worth your time. If you wanna read more about Dreamcatcher, here is our article about why you should stan them.

Did you like ‘BOCA’? What was your favorite song in the album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.

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