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INTERVIEW: Get To Know Priscilla Block

INTERVIEW: Get To Know Priscilla Block

priscilla block

Priscilla Block is about to be your latest singer-songwriter obsession! Having spent time in Nashville ‘the songwriting capital of the world’ she’s ready to start releasing her own music. We were blown away by her latest single ‘Just About Over You,’ and we hope you will be too! 

Us groovin to Priscilla Block’s new track!
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We were lucky enough to have a chat with her about new music, life advice and creativity. Check it out right here! 

1. So, you’re from North Carolina but moved to Nashville 6 years ago, did the move have anything to do with your music career? How do you think this impacted your path?

One hundred percent. I knew I wanted to pursue music and I knew that Nashville made sense. All the country superstars that I looked up to at the time were either in Nashville, or singing about Nashville. So I packed up after high school and just went!

2. ‘Just About Over You’ sounds personal but it also resonates with almost everyone. What do you expect to convey through its message?

I hope people know that they aren’t crazy for missing an ex or taking their time moving on. We all have different ways of moving on and sometimes there can be many overs before it is over.

3. What’s some relationship advice you’d give to your younger self?

That you WILL be okay. Everyone says time heals.. and it does. It makes me think of that song ‘Letter To Me’ by Brad Paisley. So dang good and so true.

4. Who’s someone you’ve always dreamed of working with, whether it’s another singer, producer, or writer?

Gosh that list is so large… but, I would love to write with Taylor Swift. She’s the reason I started writing music.

5. When you find yourself in a slump creatively what’s one thing that helps you get out of it?

I try to take the pressure off of myself. Sometimes we have slumps and that is totally normal. I like to get out with my dogs, go hang with friends, drink some wine….whatever it may be.

6. Your relationship with your fans seems very real and intense and they even helped you raise money to record ‘Just About Over You!’ Can you describe your relationship with your fans?

Fans are everything. I owe this all to them. They are the ones who have believed in me and are making my dreams come true. Sure, the songs are good… but without them those songs may never see the light of day. My relationship with them will always be NUMBER ONE.

7. You took over the #1 spot on the Country Chart, congratulations! How do you feel about that? And have you ever thought or dreamed about something like this happening?

I am still over the moon. You know, I kind of forgot that people still buy music. Streaming is so big right now, so my mind never really thought about the iTunes charts. I am still in shock to be honest.

8. You definitely feel comfortable with social media, how is it to mix social media with music? Do you think it’s only natural to merge them?

Oh absolutely. Again it’s all about the fans…so chances are if it wasn’t for social media no one would hear my music at away bar gigs I’ve played.

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9. How important do you think a platform such as TikTok is for any upcoming and new talent?

I think it is the most important app to jump on. The reach is insane and it is MADE for creative people.

10. You now have a hit song that’s been heard in households everywhere! What can fans expect next? Any new projects coming up?

Hopefully new music! and gosh I CANNOT WAIT TO GET ON THE ROADDD!!!

Catch us driving down the highway to a show once they exist again!
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Did the wonderful Priscilla Block answer any of your burning questions? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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