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5 Of Dreamcatcher’s Spookiest Title Tracks To Get Hyped For Apocalypse: Broken Halloween

5 Of Dreamcatcher’s Spookiest Title Tracks To Get Hyped For Apocalypse: Broken Halloween

Dreamcatcher are the queens of dark and horror concepts. Their entire lore revolving around nightmares and dreams has always made way for some of the best K-Pop songs to listen to during Halloween. So yes, that and their rock sound. Dreamcatcher truly owns this time of the year. Their music is simply made for it.

And they’re well aware of it because following the first leg of their world tour, Dreamcatcher is back in Seoul for a special concert. And the theme is all Halloween. Apocalypse: Broken Halloween is to be held on October 29th and 30th, both online and offline, and marks the halfway point between their US leg and the European leg of their world tour next month. And while we wait to see what surprises the girls have in store for us during this special concert, here are five of our favorite Dreamcatcher title tracks that fit the Halloween theme perfectly.

‘Chase Me’ (2017)

This is an obvious choice, isn’t it? Dreamcatcher’s ‘Chase Me’ introduced the world to this brand-new and unique concept. It isn’t only about the music video, the outfits, and the aesthetic – even though that alone was incredible. Dreamcatcher also debuted with a rock sound that had never been seen in K-Pop before, not like this, at least. ‘Chase Me’ is indeed one of their songs that are on the heavier side of the rock genre, and it changed our lives. Ever since ‘Chase Me,’ we’ve known Dreamcatcher as the queens of horror and rock in K-Pop, so of course, this is the epitome of a Halloween song.

‘GOOD NIGHT’ (2017)

Following their debut with ‘Chase Me,’ Dreamcatcher stuck to their rock and dark concept by releasing ‘GOOD NIGHT’ as their first comeback. It was a direct follow-up to ‘Chase Me’ when it comes to the storyline in the music video, and it brought the horror to a whole new level. They really established themselves and set the group apart from everyone with ‘GOOD NIGHT.’ Dreamcatcher’s heavy rock songs are truly some of the best things that have ever happened to us.

‘PIRI’ (2019)

We could possibly add every single title track by Dreamcatcher to this list. Every single one of them fits the Halloween theme. But let’s fast forward to their 2019 release: ‘PIRI.’ In this one, the girls explored other influences, all while sticking to the rock sound we love from them. Not only ‘PIRI’ is catchy, addicting, and an absolute masterpiece, but it also shows some sort of psychological horror in the music video – and we absolutely love it.

‘Scream’ (2020)

What makes this song so perfect for Halloween is, by far, its sound and atmosphere. Needless to say that Dreamcatcher‘s ‘Scream’ is one of their most iconic and memorable title tracks. They managed to mix their rock sound with heavy EDM, and it turned out into one of their best songs ever. The atmosphere it managed to create is truly unique with that beautiful build-up, the drop, and the spoken line in the chorus. ‘Scream’ lowkey haunts you, but in the best way possible. Dreamcatcher keeps reinventing horror through their music, and it gets better every single time.

‘BEcause’ (2021)

Even with the brighter Summer Holiday album, Dreamcatcher didn’t leave behind their concept. Instead, they switched it up and created one of their best and most iconic title track: ‘BEcause.’ For this one, the girls created a concept surrounding an abandoned fare and puppets. It may sound slightly brighter than their other songs, but that’s what makes it even spookier and disturbing. ‘BEcause’ is genius and truly one of their best.

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