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Dreamcatcher Wrap Up Their Apocalypse Trilogy With ‘BONVOYAGE’

Dreamcatcher Wrap Up Their Apocalypse Trilogy With ‘BONVOYAGE’

2022 was huge for Dreamcatcher – their biggest year yet. But that doesn’t mean they’re stopping anytime soon. To complete their Apocalypse series, Dreamcatcher is back with the third installment of the series and their eighth mini-album: Apocalypse: From us. And just when we thought they couldn’t possibly get any better, they proved us wrong. No one does rock in K-Pop quite like Dreamcatcher, and they just took it to a whole other level.


Dreamcatcher is no stranger to impactful title tracks, and ‘BONVOYAGE’ is exactly that – with a twist. This trilogy has been all about spreading a message about protecting the earth, and ‘BONVOYAGE’ embraces the nature element to its fullest.

‘BONVOYAGE’ is one of their brightest title tracks with soft vocals and sweet melodies. But that is mixed with powerful vocals and a rock sound in the chorus that is true to Dreamcatcher. In other words, ‘BONVOYAGE’ is quite literally the best of both worlds – it’s soft, emotional, and sweet, yet impactful, powerful, and bold. This mixture makes the song truly bittersweet, and its lyrics about moving away from someone truly hit the emotional and nostalgic spot for us.

And, of course, the end of the trilogy means the continuation of the lore Dreamcatcher created through this series. The music video is arguably the best of the three, with a gorgeous aesthetic, visuals, and top-tier choreography. Everything about ‘BONVOYAGE’ is just perfect and already unforgettable.

Apocalypse : From us

‘BONVOYAGE’ is far from being the only thing that makes this comeback so good. Apocalypse: From us has incredible b-sides that could easily pass off as title tracks. In Dreamcatcher fashion, the mini-album starts off with an introduction track, ‘Intro: From us,’ to set the note before ‘BONVOYAGE.’ And indeed, right from the start, we knew Dreamcatcher was going all in with the rock sound this time. 

‘BONVOYAGE’ is indeed the brightest song in the entire mini-album, and that says a lot. Indeed, ‘DEMIAN’ and ‘Propose’ are two much darker songs. ‘DEMIAN’ has one of the best pre-chorus in Dreamcatcher’s discography, and it overall has such a strong impact right from the first listen. It’s one of those songs that only Dreamcatcher could do.

And as for ‘Propose’… Dreamcatcher is insane for this. No words could describe how powerful the lyrics and the melodies are, much less how insane the vocals are in this one. These girls can sing, and they don’t joke around about it. The dark, dangerous love concept of the song fits them perfectly. And Dami‘s rap in the second verse is one of her best. It didn’t stop her from eating up the last chorus with her vocals, though, with Siyeon’s insane high note in the back. ‘Propose’ is not only a masterpiece, but it is proof of all seven members’ insane vocals. No one does it quite like them.

It is Dreamcatcher’s habit to close off their mini-albums with ballads, and this time they switched it up a bit. While ‘To. you’ is the slower and lighter song in the EP, it can be more described as a pop-rock soft song rather than a ballad. ‘To. you’ is the perfect song to be put in the soundtrack of a movie, the emotions of heartbreak and having a hard time letting go are beautiful and a perfect way to close off Apocalypse: From us.

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Apocalypse: From us is a statement about Dreamcatcher’s unique sound and their power as vocalists, performers, and artists in general. They are never afraid to push past the limits and do something completely new. Apocalypse: From us is hands down one of their best releases and proof of their confidence and power as a group.

Is ‘BONVOYAGE’ your favorite title track of Dreamcatcher’s Apocalypse trilogy? What’s your favorite track out of the mini-album? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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