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5 Songs We Need On Dreamcatcher’s Setlist For The Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher 2023 Tour

5 Songs We Need On Dreamcatcher’s Setlist For The Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher 2023 Tour

Dreamcatcher is going back on tour way sooner than any of us expected. Last year was one of the biggest years for Dreamcatcher: a second full-length album, a first win, a mini-album, renewing contracts, and a world tour. But clearly, they’re not stopping any time soon, because Dreamcatcher already announced another tour to celebrate their 6th year as a group: Reason: Makes Dreamcatcher 2023. For now, we only have dates in the United States, but we never know where the girls will go next! Of course, we witnessed so much in their past tour, but here are some songs we wish to see in the setlist this year!

‘Chase Me’ (Nightmare, 2017)

First things first: Dreamcatcher’s debut is an absolute classic. It set them apart from everyone with their distinctive sound and concept from the very beginning. While the girls have performed ‘Chase Me’ a couple of times in the past year, it wasn’t part of the setlist on their last world tour and we would love to see it live. Not only this is an incredibly meaningful song for both Dreamcatcher and InSomnia – for obvious reasons – but it is also one of their more heavy rock songs. This is a type of sound we love to hear from Dreamcatcher and that no one can do as well as them. To see it live must be absolutely incredible!

‘Whistle’ (Summer Holiday, 2021)

Taking a slight step back from the heavy rock music, ‘Whistle’ is a b-side we just need on the setlist this year. This Summer Holiday b-side stole our hearts since the very first listen. It’s catchy, addictive, and just an absolute masterpiece! Not only that, but Dreamcatcher have performed the song before for a special concert, and the choreography was unique and phenomenal. The performance is incredible and the energy must go up to the roof when you hear this live – plus, the vocals. ‘Whistle’ has it all to be one of the best songs on the setlist!

‘What’ (Alone In The City, 2018)

Another throwback would be ‘What.’ This is a title track from 2018 and while Dreamcatcher has included it in other setlists, it’s been a long time since they’ve performed this one live. We may be biased here, but ‘What’ is seriously one of Dreamcatcher’s best title tracks. Not only is the performance incredible, but just the song itself is an absolute masterpiece – the vocals, the energy. Seriously, this song needs more recognition! But we also know how much InSomnia love this one, and to see it live again would simply be iconic.

‘You And I’ (Escape the ERA, 2018)

Another title track we need to see live is ‘You And I.’ Now, this one may be less of a “forgotten” title track than ‘What,’ but there’s a simple reason why we need it back in Dreamcatcher’s setlist: the choreography. This song has seriously one of the most unique, original, and complex choreographies in the industry. The number of tricks and visual effects they use make this choreography one of a kind. ‘You And I’ is an incredible song, but it is also one of their best in terms of choreography, no arguments there. Yes, of course, they’ve sung this one live before, but seeing how much the fandom has grown since then: new fans deserve to experience this absolute masterpiece live as well.

‘Reason’ (2023)

Last but definitely not least is the latest song Dreamcatcher released: ‘Reason.’ Now, we’re aware that their 2023 world tour is technically named after this song, so chances are this one will most likely be included in the setlist… but let’s talk about why we need it there.

‘Reason’ is such a special song for both Dreamcatcher and InSomnia that was released in celebration of their 6th anniversary as a group. Dreamcatcher has endured so much through the past years and beat the odds by surviving in an industry that had everything against them. To see that they’ve survived and become this strong is actually incredible. It has come from hard work from Dreamcatcher and unconditional support from InSomnia. So yes, to say this one is special is actually an understatement. But even if we take the meaning out, the energy of this song would be just perfect for an encore – when the girls connect the most to the crowd. And the vocals are truly so magical and powerful in ‘Reason!’ This song is for Dreamcatcher and InSomnia, and we can’t wait to share this song with them in person.

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Tickets are now available for their US dates here!

Do you agree with our picks? What other songs are you hoping to see in the setlist for this tour? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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