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7 Jackson Wang Songs For When He ‘Drives You Home’

7 Jackson Wang Songs For When He ‘Drives You Home’

Jackson Wang from China is back with another bop and he is ready to ‘Drive You Home’ and keep you safe and sound. The GOT7 member is gearing up to release his sophomore album and he has been feeding us all with singles which bop way too hard. The newest release ‘Drive You Home’ teams the singer up with Internet Money and let us tell you, it hits the spot.

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The song tells the story of a wild and emotional night in reverse and if the song sounded familiar, then that’s because it samples The Cars’ song ‘Drive’ from the 80s. You can stream the song here and make sure to watch the music video below, which made us cry, because Jackson never looked softer.

Since we are all getting excited for more Jackson music with his new album looming above us all, and ‘Drive You Home’ giving us the soundtrack to our next road trip, we thought we’d give you seven more songs by King Jackson to keep your road trip playlist going.


Did someone ask for song of the year? Yes? No? We are giving it to you anyway! ‘LMLY’ is the song that has been keeping us going and is absolutely amazing to drive to!


Let’s take it back and re-appreciate the singers second singe ‘OKAY.’ This song is so raw and personal that it has to go onto your playlist for your upcoming road trip immediately! (Pro tip: prepare tissues!)

‘Pretty Please’

We know an EDM bop when we hear it! ‘Pretty Please’ is short but yet, it’s a masterpiece, the old Hong Kong movie vibes of the music video are everything, e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.


After the music video for ‘Faded’ is forever locked in a vault, ‘Oxygen’ came to our rescue. This song means everything to us and it is just too beautiful and raw not to include. Jackson’s vocals. That’s all.

‘100 Ways’

Jackson embracing traditional Chinese imagery is the best thing ever. ‘100 Ways’ choreo went viral and for a reason, it is really cool and we recommend you try it! This song can’t be missing from your playlist.

‘Bullet To The Heart’

We are ending it on a banger but a sad banger, the music video for ‘Bullet To The Heart’ blew us all away when it dropped. Jackson really let us see inside of his mind and boy it is dark in there, but there is also so much talent. No one is doing it like Jackson Wang.

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Jackson Wang has so many bops absolutely perfect for your road trip playlist. Which is your favorite Jackson Wang song? How excited are you for his upcoming album? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Team Wang

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