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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Adil C Gives Us A Little Glimpse Into Paradise

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Adil C Gives Us A Little Glimpse Into Paradise

Canada gives us the best artists, huh? Check out the latest one we’ve gotten on our radar: Adil C, a native Canadian from Ontario and an extremely talented artist. We’re not the only ones who have been astonished by his talent! He’s caught the eye of some insane A-list celebs such as Justin Bieber and Usher! We know, we know, that’s insanely cool! Talent recognizes talent, and we are so here for that – bet!

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Image Source: Official single artwork/Adil C Official Twitter

His latest single, ‘We’re In Paradise,’ was released earlier this month, and we can’t get the catchy track out of our heads. It’s a feel-good summer anthem that will put a little bit of sunshine in your day. In addition to that, the music video has some of the most aesthetically pleasing visuals we’ve ever seen and creates a sense of warmth and relaxation through the screen – a little piece of paradise, if you will. Check it out below!

We were offered the chance to interview him, and we jumped at the opportunity! We were so excited to get a little low down on the new single, the music video, and learn a little more about Adil C himself! So, let’s not keep you all waiting and dive right in!

Let’s start simple! How did you get into music and what bands or artists inspired you the most?
I picked up a guitar in my hand at the age of 8 at an antique guitar shop and fell in love with what I was able to do with it when strumming and making chords. I was creating a sound that affected emotions and created memories with it. I let that stick with me for life. I first was in a rock band before my pop era began. Justin Bieber is the sole reason why I started singing pop music. Artists like Justin, Johnny Orlando, AJ Mitchell, and more is a huge part of the inspiration behind my sound.

Adil C
Image Source: Adil C via Instagram

We are definitely vibing to ‘We’re In Paradise’ and the ebb and flow of the catchy rhythm and beats! How did this song and collab with Pencils Of Promise come to be?
Thank you so much! ‘We’re In Paradise’ has a lot to do with taking what you have, changing perspective, and rebuilding. Since having a close relationship with Pencils of Promise I knew that the message of this song would tie in greatly with what the charity stands for. Pencils of Promise has created many opportunities and positive changes for students and children across the globe, and my goal was to voice that type of dynamic through the song. 

Can you tell us what about the non-profit Pencils of Promise drew you to it, what sparked the desire to create a fan contest, and can you explain a little bit about the fan contest for those that don’t know?
I’ve been a huge charity and PoP (Pencils of Promise) supporter for a very long time now. Giving back is in my blood. I truly believe my purpose is more so to give back than to receive. Pencils of Promise is very loving to their community and the schools that they build, education they provide, and opportunities they create. I am all for that message. I was gratefully connected with Pencils of Promise a couple years back and immediately started using my music to help the for-purpose charity.

For this release, I wanted to do something more than just showing fans the charity name Pencils of Promise. This time, I wanted others to give support to letsfcancer and Pencils of Promise on their Instagram channels while giving back to my community. Many have struggled throughout the years of COVID and the lockdowns. The song’s about overcoming that hardship and enjoying the better side of life. With that; I wanted to also create an opportunity to help someone by giving back, shedding light on the knowledge that both PoP and letsfcancer are providing on their social medias, and letting fans have an exciting way to listen to the summer uplifting song. 

Adil C
Image Source: Adil C via Instagram

When writing this song, did you have in mind that you wanted to create a fun, Summer anthem or did it just end up feeling like the perfect Summer day?
I think God put this song in my lap. I said I wanted to create something new, fun, exciting, and road-trip worthy for fans. However, I didn’t really have an instrumental to do that just yet. Producer, Start-Up Tech Company Founder & Entrepreneur Michael Ye connected with me on the app Clubhouse and surprised me with an EDM song that was EXACTLY what I was intentionally looking to create. He sent me the mix and in my studio, I took the EDM song and made it into Pop-EDM, recorded my vocals on it, and the summer hit was created just like that.

Did you write lyrics or music first for ‘We’re In Paradise?’ Is this the usual route your songwriting takes or is different for every song?
Usually, I have a catchy melody that comes along in my head and I work with that. In this case, when Michael Ye and I finished the instrumental, the vocals came through like butter. I just hopped on the mic and started singing lines that my mind was coming up with and the song came together like it was meant to be. But every song gets created in many different ways. That’s what makes music so unique. There’s no rule to it.

‘We’re In Paradise’ describes the struggle of dealing with problems alone but having faith in what’s to come. If you could give one piece of advice for those struggling to keep their faith in hard times, what would say to them on how to keep looking ahead and keep pushing through?
Indifference. Everyone has their own agenda. And if you get to be part of it, have gratitude. But if you don’t, it certainly isn’t the end. It may suck, yes. Getting “no” is just part of the process. But this world is abundantly filled with opportunities and blessings. The only way to receive them is to continue moving forward. Give yourself credit for working so hard, know that it is okay to be sad, but never stop trying new things and moving forward.

This song also compares human beings to stars – magnificent beings taking up space in the universe. How did you come up with such a powerful metaphor?
I love the universe. This planet is but a tiny, tiny, tiny creation within the vast of the universe. But that doesn’t mean we’re small. I think we’re infinite. People are always trying to create good and make positive changes on a daily basis. When I look at my fans, I see the stars. I really wouldn’t have any of this if it wasn’t for my supporters. And that right there is the stars. The most magnificent beings taking place on our earth, at this very time, in the universe. 

Adil C
Image Source: Adil C via Instagram

The music video was filmed around Ontario, beautiful visuals by the way, which scene from the video is your favorite and why?
My favorite scene in the music video is the shot where I’m walking in the middle of the bridged-train track and the camera is extremely high up in the sky showing the height of how large, and tall the tracks were. The reason why this is my favorite scene is because it captured me doing something that took a lot of guts. It captured me in paradise. Looking down through the tracks seeing that I’m hundreds of feet above ground… looking up at the camera that’s hundreds of feet above me… it was such an adrenaline rush where I almost told my cinematographer Ray Sicard that this is too scary for me. But the fact that I have it captured on camera showing that I really did it, I’m glad I went through with it. Sometimes the greatness of life is on the other side of fear. But please, be safe about it and make wise decisions.

There was someone skydiving in the video, as adrenaline junkies here we gotta know, is skydiving on your bucket list? If so, where would you want your skydiving adventure to take place? Any particular type of scenery you’d want to see on your way down?
That may have been me, or not. Who knows. Wink wink. Skydiving is definitely on the bucket list but I haven’t specifically thought hard enough about when, where, how, with who, etc. I’m just letting that opportunity come to me when the time is right. Would be cool to see a mix of land and water.

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In honor of the song’s title, can you describe your perfect “paradise?”
The life I live now. Tomorrow isn’t promised. So life has to be paradise right now. I’m grateful for my girlfriend, my family, my adventures to LA, and the process of me moving there, my fans, managers/agents that believe in me, are kind to me, and work with me in this business.

There you have it, Honey Poppers! A little bit of insight into one of the music industry’s rising stars, Adil C. We know we enjoyed getting to pick his brain, and we hope you did as well! We can’t wait for what’s to come in the future for him, and we hope you get on this stan train with us.

What are your thoughts on Adil C and his new single ‘We’re In Paradise?’ Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Adil C via Instagram

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