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We’re Suckers For Katastro After Our Exclusive Interview

We’re Suckers For Katastro After Our Exclusive Interview

We have the usual stans here at the THP, but of course, when we can check out new artists, we never shy away from it! That’s the way we feel about this four-piece band from Phoenix, Katastro, who’ve been making music for nearly a decade and a half! They aren’t new to the music scene, but they’ve been making big waves, and it was about time we noticed.

As an alt-rock/hip hop hybrid group, their tracks vary in sound and have ebbed and flowed with each passing album with influences such as Eminem and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. The 12-track Sucker is their newest edition to their vast album collection, produced by Matt Keller, and it reveals the endless cycle of life, love, and hate. Oh boy, it’s a goodie, let us tell you, fam!

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In our exclusive interview, we chatted with frontman Andy Chaves about Katastro’s formation, what inspired them to write Sucker, the songs that they most excited to play live and the ones that have been stuck in their heads after the album release, and the overall vision for their music video, ‘The Way I Feel.’ Keep reading for all the deets!

Image Source: Katastro via Instagram

Before we dive into your new music, we want to know more about you! How did you all meet, and how did Katastro form?
I’ve known Ryan since we were kids. I met Tanner and Stravers in middle school. I literally called anyone I knew who played an instrument, and that’s how the band was formed.

What is the story behind your band’s name?
We were playing our first show and needed a name. Stravers’ friend always had a name for a project I think that was called Katastrobeat. So we went with that and eventually dropped the beat. That’s how we formed Katastro.

You’ve mentioned that last year was unexpected but ultimately led you to create Sucker. What else did the quarantine benefit you all in terms of your career or even as a band?
I think it was a good break for us. We had toured heavily the last 6 years. It was nice to be home with friends and family. And sleep in our own beds haha.

As a sixth studio album, which is amazing, by the way, what did you want to do differently previously? In what instances can your fans hear that?
We wanted to sit down and write this one for the fans. We brought back all live drums, a lot of guitar solos and kind of went back to our old sound but mixed it with what we have been doing the previous two albums.

Sucker Album artwork, Image Source: Katastro

Diving deeper into Sucker now, what was your inspiration behind this album?
Everything going on in the world was so sh*tty and we wanted to make a summer feel-good album that people can turn on and listen to from front to back. There isn’t really any slow paced songs on this album.

If you could pick a lyric from Sucker to represent the entire album which one(s) would it be?
Thought I was a fighter but it turns out I’m a lover/ Maybe I’m a sucker.”

We love that the album mixes your influences Eminem and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the Western pop throughout the 12 tracks! It’s so sick! So how do you achieve your distinctive Katastro sound while mixing all these influences?
There really isn’t a formula. Each song happens differently. Us all being in a room together though I think is what makes Katastro.

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What song do you hope resonates most with your fans? What do you think they will be most surprised to hear?
I think ‘The Way I Feel.’ ‘Last Call,’ I think, is the most different sounding Katastro song.

 After recording Sucker, which songs are earworms for each of you now?
‘The Way I Feel,’ ‘Sucker’ and ‘John T’

We love how fun the music video for ‘The Way I Feel’ is! What was your overall vision for it?
Brian Dunham and our friend Kyle Smith had the vision for this one. When we work with videographers, we kind of leave that up to them and its more of a collaborative effort.

What are you most looking forward to after the album is released?
Playing some shows. And playing these new songs live!

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Remember to stream/purchase Sucker over here!

We’re just as excited to hear these songs live as well, and we highly recommend that you attend one of their shows in a city near you to hear them too coming this summer! You can purchase tickets for Kastatro’s remaining dates to The Sucker Summer Run here!

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What’s your ave song fresh off Sucker? What song are you excited to hear live? Let’s keep the conversation going by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP or commenting below! Want the daily drip? Be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the sweetest pop-culture news.

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Feature Image Source: Courtesy of Chris Colclasure, Photographer & Emily Defoor, THP Graphic Team

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