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7 Of Our Favorite Parts Of aespa’s SYNK Showcase In Los Angeles

7 Of Our Favorite Parts Of aespa’s SYNK Showcase In Los Angeles

aespa have seriously been upping their promo game ahead of their Girls mini-album, and to get MYs even more excited, they hosted their first-ever showcase in Los Angeles! Giselle, Karina, Ningning, and Winter performed their latest singles, some fan favorites, and gave us two nights to cherish forever, complete with laughs and absolute bangers. So let’s take a look at some of our favorite moments!

The Intro

Of course, we have to start with the adorable intro segment! Each member introduced herself and got a major round of applause, which made us emotional even as we watched through streams at home. Giselle even asked the crowd if they had dinner so they’d have the energy to dance and sing along with them. We love that the girls care so deeply for MYs!

Seeing The ‘Illusion’ Choreo

Since their last comeback with ‘Dreams Come True,’ aespa have given us two new songs: ‘Illusion’ and ‘Life’s Too Short.’ We got a peek at the ‘Life’s Too Short’ choreo in its music video, but the SYNK Showcase marked the first time we saw the ‘Illusion’ dance! Every step is so fierce. and we love how the choreo during Giselle’s section of the chorus kind of gives a callback to the “deep fake on me” section of ‘Savage.’

MY Random Play Dance

Speaking of choreo, this list couldn’t be complete without mentioning the MY Random Play Dance game the girls played between songs! They recreated some of their most iconic dance moments with a little twist… they couldn’t dance their own parts. Giselle did Winter’s parts, Karina did Ningning’s parts, Ningning did Karina’s parts, and Winter did Giselle’s parts. Naturally, there was some confusion, but we think the girls knocked it out of the park. Karina replicating Ningning’s iconic ‘Savage’ high note has our hearts forever!

The Playlist Game

Another game that the girls played during their segment with Zach Sang was the Playlist Game, where a song would play and everyone had to guess which girl’s playlist it came from. Let’s just say their choices were as ‘ICONIC’ as their song of the same name! We got Giselle being a Machine Gun Kelly stan (relatable), Karina giving us a calming H.E.R. song, Winter repping her ult Harry Styles, and Ningning offering stunning R&B vibes.

On night two, they switched it up a bit and chose just one song each. Our favorite moment of that section was probably when Winter started singing her choice, Shawn Mendes’ ‘Wonder!’ She sounded absolutely ethereal.

Appreciating Fan Gifts

The girls got quite a few adorable fan gifts over the course of the SYNK Showcase, and they never failed to show how much they loved them! Ningning wore a bracelet from a fan during the first show, and another fan gave them cat ears on night two. Two words: too. cute.

Doing TikTok Dances

It seems like everyone, their mothers, their local mailman, their favorite baker, and their idols have done the “my money don’t jiggle” TikTok dance, and aespa joined in the fun during a TikTok challenge section! Ningning was totally feeling it, and we kinda get the vibe that she has a secret TikTok page somewhere, especially after she told a fan during soundcheck that she knew them from TikTok…

Finally Hearing ‘Lucid Dream’ Live

One of our favorite songs in aespa’s discography has always been the mystical ‘Lucid Dream,’ co-written by Hayley Kiyoko, and we finally got to hear the girls perform it at the SYNK Showcase! Between their gorgeous vocals, their adorable reactions when MYs sang along with the “falling, calling, chasing” section, and the undeniable energy, this was a performance we’ll never forget. The wait hurt, but it was worth it! Plus, Giselle’s “you drive me crazy, MYs” drove US crazy.

What were your favorite moments from aespa’s SYNK Showcase? Did you get to attend in person? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! If you haven’t already, make sure you pre-order their Girls mini-album right here and click here for more aespa content to keep you busy until release day.


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