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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan The Boyz

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan The Boyz

Yes, we here at THP are obsessed with these 11 boys, what’s not to love about The Boyz? They debuted on December 6th, 2017 with the lead single ‘Boy.’ Since their debut, the group has explored various concepts from refreshing to dark and sensual. We, here at The Honey POP, have been watching these boys for a while now and loved their journey so far.

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After The Boyz participated in Mnet’s Road To Kingdom last year (and winning it), their fandom has grown immensely. Their performances on the show were mindblowing and we are looking forward to the upcoming Kingdom and what is to come next! You aren’t convinced to stan yet? Well here are five reasons why you should become a Deobi right now!

No Concept Is Too Hard

The Boyz have changed their concepts for comebacks a lot since their debut. They debuted with a refreshing and young concept with ‘Boy’ and have now switched to a darker and mature concept with their latest comeback ‘The Stealer.’ There seems to be no concept the group can’t pull off at this point. Even the songs, which accompany the concepts, are always straight-up bops. Once you stan The Boyz you will not find your way out of these amazing music videos. When the group came back with ‘Reveal’ at the beginning of 2020, Deobis were in a frenzy. They hadn’t seen The Boyz’s this sensual before and it worked amazingly. Just as vast as their range in concept is, so is their music. You will definitely find your new favorite song among The Boyz’s discography.

Kings Of Performances

It is undeniable that The Boyz slayed the performances on Road To Kingdom last year. They had not only Deobis on the edge of their seat but also other fandoms. They were flipping around, jumping over each other, and setting the roof on fire with their performances and covers. We hadn’t seen anything like this ever before and they rightfully won RTK, which earned them the right to participate in Kingdom, set to air this year. But even before the show, the group had amazing performances and stages, which had Deobi excited. When you stan The Boyz, you sign up to be blown away by their amazing stage presence and artistry. Join Deobi and cheer for The Boyz on Kingdom.

Not Only Idols But Also Actors

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The Boyz are not only idols who will bring you music but the members have also ventured into the K-Drama world as actors! Younghoon starred in Love Revolution, a web drama which was adapted from a webtoon. Hyunjae as well was cast in the pilot episodes for I Can See Your MBTI a YouTube web drama. The Boyz have just started to give Deobi more and more acting projects, but we are already obsessed! All of the members have great acting potential and we know some of them are going to be amazing idol actors. Until we get more official projects and lead roles from these guys, Deobi can always enjoy the group’s amazing acting during their music videos!

The Boyz Will Strain Your Laughing Muscles

There is nothing more that is better than a K-pop group that gives you great music and makes you laugh! The Boyz are definitely fulfilling these criteria. These 11 boys are chaotic and fun, especially when they all hang out together. Their interviews will always at least make you chuckle a couple of times, if not rolling around the floor laughing. But even individually The Boyz are hilarious. From V Lives to variety show appearances, the group will always make you laugh without even trying! A good laugh can go a long way, so if you want more laughter in your life The Boyz are definitely the group for you to stan!

Members From All Around The World

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Last but not least, The Boyz are a group with members from all around the world. They have members who are fluent in English and Korean. These members either lived or were born in Canada and the US. The three international members Kevin, Jacob, and Eric are totally cute and will always make sure international Deobi know what is going on! We, here at The Honey POP, are kind of living for Kevin’s weird Twitter captions. Let’s protect them at all costs. The Boyz having so many members from different areas around the world makes stanning them even more fun. Honestly, what’s not to love about this group of guys!

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Now, we would be lying if these were all the reasons to stan this wonderful group of talented boys. But if we continued then these five reasons would turn into an essay, so we will spare you for now. So, are you finally ready to stan The Boyz? Are you already a part of Deobi? What’s your favorite The Boyz song? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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