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COIN, The Band Of Many Colors Talks Their Latest EP, Green-Blue

COIN, The Band Of Many Colors Talks Their Latest EP, Green-Blue


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COIN has been feeding their fans well over the pandemic. With a virtual show and the release of two EPs full of bops that kept us jamming in our homes on lockdown, we couldn’t ask for more. But, COIN just continues to deliver as they are set to soon release their third EP based on colors and emotions, but first, let’s dive into the inspirations behind Green-Blue, their latest project.

Releasing their latest album, Dreamland, just last year, COIN fans have been riding a vibey wave through the continued release of tunes, but these three EPs are something special in itself. Described by COIN as [the music] “we’ve always written…it’s just never been the right time to share it,” we’re glad some good things came out of these months of lockdown! 

From their concepts to the music itself, this era has been truly magical, but we can’t help but wonder how this masterpiece was thought up. Good thing we have an exclusive interview to answer all your burning questions! See how this EP series came to fruition, what COIN misses the most about touring, and much more!

Your EP Green-Blue is out now, the second out of three EPs that will be named after emotions and the colors that come with it, where did you get the inspiration to release them like a series like that?
After our touring plans were abruptly ended in March of 2020, we wandered around for a bit – free of commitments & expectations. A few months into quarantine, we found ourselves writing a lot of new (and different sounding) music. We decided to indulge ourselves in all the colors we can create together. We also figured it was a disservice to ourselves & our listeners not to share these songs. It’s been a creative leap, but a much needed disruption!

Representing an emotion or mood through colors is a pretty unique way of expressing emotions, what colors do you most associate with yourselves day to day and what colors do you love to emotionally feel from other people?
I love this question, but I don’t know if I  have an answer for this today. I might be too wavering to settle into one mood. I hope people feel yellow around me. It’s all the bright side. 🙂

Photo by Phoenix Johnson

What is one important message you hope fans will take away from your EP Green-Blue ?
Don’t turn your back on the ones who don’t turn their back on you. 

Which songs are you most excited for fans to hear from the next EP? And which ones are you excited to perform live?
I love this new song called ‘hypnotica.’ I feel like it sounds like the inside of my brain at all times. Ready to perform any song, to be honest. 

You’re still set to join 5SOS on the No Shame Tour, whenever we get the chance to go in-person shows again, what’s one thing you miss about touring? 
I miss human connection! Live music is amazing, but I feel like it’s only a backdrop to meet amazing people around the world. I miss my COIN family.

It’s been six years since your self-titled debut album, how do you believe you have grown as artists with your new EP? Is there anything from the debut that remains consistent throughout your sound?
Wow, that’s quite a while! I think we’ve learned who we are & more importantly, who we’re not. I think we’ve grown to be more confident & we always push ourselves to stop second guessing & just continue making things. Our self titled is precious to us. I’m sure there are a lot of little things that will always be a part of our DNA from that album. But a large theme that is consistent, even still, is Joseph’s guitar playing. It is what makes COIN COIN. Even when I play today, I often think, “What would Joe do?” His melodic instinct is the heart & soul of this band.

Your new single, ‘Sagittarius Superstar’ features Faye Webster, how did the collaboration come about? Where did the inspiration for the song come from and what made you title it, ‘Sagittarius Superstar?’
We’ve known Faye for years. Last summer, I just sent her a demo I was working on, and she sent back a second verse. The best collaborations are the ones you don’t intend :). The song was inspired by George Harrison’s ‘If Not For You’ & other simple Laurel Canyon love songs. The song started out as the first song for a side project, and we wanted to call the band Sagittarius Superstar. We decided we should just turn COIN into SS for a month. Green-Blue is kind of what we ended up with.

In what aspects is your new music that is coming out soon different from what you’ve released in the past?
We have no expectations. Often, for an album, you write 30-50 songs, and you choose the best 10. So many beautiful ones end up on the cutting room floor. We are enjoying releasing the gems that would’ve most likely ended up stored away on a hard drive. We’ve always written this music; it’s just never been the right time to share it.

If you could pick, what movie, tv-show, piece of media, etc. would you want one of your songs featured in and why? Which song?
Fun question! I’ve always thought “Youuu” deserves to be in any movie where the main character is falling in love with the previously unnoticed friend. Classic, timeless, perfect. 21st century John Hughes.

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We love to see artists grow while keeping what makes them, them, and we can not wait to hear what they have in store for their third Rainbow Mixtape EP to finish off the series! What colors do you think will be represented next EP? What color do you associate with yourself? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source via COIN on Instagram and BiBi Lara

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