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6 Times SHINee Minho’s Visuals Stole The Show

6 Times SHINee Minho’s Visuals Stole The Show

SHINee Minho just dropped a bomb on Flamers! We got new acting profile pictures of the idol-turned actor out of nowhere. Help, we can’t seem to recover. Put that content warning next time SM our hearts are faint! Honestly, how does Minho keep looking better and better? Is he aging backwards? What kind of witchcraft is going on? We are not sure but we are big Flamers here at THP, so we are living and not complaining.

Are we seeing this? How is this man real? We can’t stop looking and we hope these photos will help Minho get even more roles in K-Dramas than he already has. He is hoping to play more diverse characters as well with different charms and we are ready to support him no matter what kind of roles he ends up getting. Actor Minho is one of our favorite Minhos, besides singer and rapper Minho of course (we are still waiting for CMS1 though king).

These pictures reminded us that not only us Shawols and Flamers get shook when seeing Minho’s tiny yet beautiful face but other people do too. We thought now was the perfect time to remember our favorite six times when Minho’s visuals stole the show.

Minho Upstaging Melania Trump

During an event for the Winter Olympics in 2018 Minho and Melania Trump were taking pictures with some children. You’d expect them to go crazy for the former First Lady but it is Minho’s face that the students are going crazy over and honestly, we relate! Imaging standing next to the Choi Minho.

Minho At The 2018 Fashion Week Givenchy Show In Paris

The end of 2017 was a hard time for SHINee and Shawols, and it resulted in not seeing the boys for quite some time. Minho attending the Givenchy show in Paris on March 4th set Flamers quite literally aflame and he was the talk of the town. The singer was absolutely glowing on this day and it was the first time in months Shawols got to see his tiny face, so this day is extra special

Minho In Hwarang
Image Source: Pintrest

Will we ever get over Choi Minho and the visuals he gave to us during Hwarang? The long hair, the traditional outfits and Minho’s face. Everything was perfect in this K-Drama! May we also mention middies… *looking away.* Anyway, Minho really stole the show in Hwarang with his acting and his visuals! Who even were the main leads?

Hanstar Celebrity Basketball Event

We love Minho in every shape or form or outfit… But Minho in his basketball get-up hits differently. He was the only one we could see on that basketball court. What can this man not do? He sings, raps, acts, and is good at sports!? C’mon, give us a break!

Silver Haired Minho

Minho dyed his hair for the first time for SHINee‘s ‘1 of 1′ and ‘Tell Me What To Do’ era, after having his natural hair color and variations of brown for forever. Flamers were positively losing their marbles of silver Minho and when we got those GQ photos it was over for us all. Minho truly stole the show.

Minho In His Marine Uniform

We missed Minho dearly during his military enlistment but pre-corona we had the chance to see him a couple of times and when we did… boy did he steal the show! Minho looks dapper in the white Marine uniform and we are still not over this look. There is just something about a man in a uniform that is just so special!

Image Source: Giphy

There are plenty of more times Minho stole the show with his amazing looks! We may be a tiny bit in love with this man… Excuse us while we go be Flamers for a second. However, we are so happy to have this man back from the trenches and can’t wait to see him in more K-Dramas going forward!

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How excited are you about Minho’s upcoming projects? What do you think is going to be his solo album name? What’s your favorite Minho look? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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