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SHINee Minho Makes Our Hearts Race With ‘Chase’

SHINee Minho Makes Our Hearts Race With ‘Chase’

Flamers, Shawols, and everybody else loving this flaming charisma guy, gather around!! We know we couldn’t be the only ones who have been freaking out for almost a week over Minho’s solo debut. It. Is. Amazing. We thought now was the perfect time to talk about it as the music video for ‘Chase’ just dropped and we lost our marbles, yet again.

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Chase has been in the making for 14 years – not really, but that’s how long it took for Minho to finally get his official solo debut – and now that it is here, you just know we have been eating it all up. From the album to the music show performances, Minho has been killing it and now we finally got to see that K-Drama-esque music video that was directed by Minho himself (duh, it was always bound to be good). Since Chase dropped on December 6th, we’ve had a lot of time to think about and consume all the content. So here are some of the Chase moments that made our hearts race!

The Music Video

Do we need to say much more? Minho is giving us a whole K-Drama in the 3-and-a-half-minute-long music video. He is such a fantastic actor and this song was made to get a story-based music video. We were on the edge of our seats the entire run of this video, our hearts racing in our chests, and we need to know more! What even is this cliffhanger at the end? Minho, we need a sequel now!

The Album

From ‘Choice’ to the well-beloved ‘Heartbreak,’ the album Minho gave us is pure perfection. It feels so essentially him and the R&B genre suits his vocal tone so well that it makes Chase the perfect non-skip album. Our personal favorite song has to be ‘Runaway’ featuring Gemini, though. No, we weren’t influenced by the Inkigayo performance – this is music-wise only, even though the performance is great! Minho is an R&B superstar as far as we are concerned.

But honestly, Chase is amazing from start to finish and the fact that Minho had a hand in the lyrics of ‘Runaway’ makes it all just that much better. We knew SHINee members were talented and all had solo artist potential but it is just good to be proven right. Minho aced his solo debut and it makes our hearts definitely beat faster watching him slay. (Sssh, stream the album here!)

The Choreography

Since the music video for ‘Chase’ hadn’t dropped yet, we had to wait for Minho to actually hit the live stage to see what ‘Chase’ looked like. And yes, it’s a whole 10/10 when it comes to choreo. Minho’s dance lines are so pretty and fit the slow hip-hop, R&B tempo of ‘Chase’ like a glove. We could not stop gasping at our screens and those hearts nearly jumped out of our chests when Minho dropped to his knees for *that* part of ‘Chase.’

The Stage Outfits

We will keep this as sane as possible, but the stylist behind Minho’s ‘Chase’ stage outfits deserves a raise! He has never looked better and we never knew a blue turtle neck could look so good on anyone, but Minho ate that up. The fits really round out the whole concept of ‘Chase’ and complement Minho’s dance lines and aura. We are obsessed and yes, our hearts skipped a beat when we saw the sheer shirt for Inkigayo.

See Also

Of course, there are plenty of more things when it comes to Minho and Chase that make our hearts race. All the long overdue SHINee interactions we have gotten thanks to this debut are just one of them, the other being Minho performing ‘Area’ on his own that was everything. We just love SHINee so much here at THP and wish Minho all the happiness and success in the world with this album. FYI, Minho’s new drama, The Fabulous, is out December 23rd! So mark your calendars!

So what about you? What’s your favorite moment from Chase promotions so far? What made your heart race (and why is it *that* outfit)? What’s your favorite song from Chase? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram


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