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Revisiting Each Of The Weeknd’s 4 Diamond-Certified Smashes

Revisiting Each Of The Weeknd’s 4 Diamond-Certified Smashes

Whether you’ve lived and breathed his Trilogy mixtapes or you’re more acquainted with his bigger hits, there’s no doubt that The Weeknd is one of the standout artists of the past decade. He brings such a fresh vision and unique concepts to everything he releases, and it’s definitely paid off for him – he’s built a massive global fanbase, won countless awards, and has sold more singles than we can even comprehend. 

To date, Abel has racked up four Diamond singles – yes, four! – and he’s the first Canadian artist to do so. Right now, he’s tied with Imagine Dragons and Post Malone for the second-most Diamond singles, and if he earns one more, he’ll be tied with Bruno Mars for the most Diamond hits. Legends only!

Let’s take a little walk down Memory Lane and rewind on each of his Diamond songs. You can’t deny that he ‘Earned It!’ 

‘Can’t Feel My Face’

Let’s start with the latest song to join The Weeknd’s Diamond club, ‘Can’t Feel My Face!’ After its release in 2015, it really cemented Abel’s status as a hitmaker who can take the world by storm. We had already seen the moodier side of his artistry thanks to hits like ‘Often’ and ‘The Hills’ (more on that later), but ‘Can’t Feel My Face’ showed off the more boppy, upbeat vibes he’s just as capable of delivering. Even though the lyrics seem to have a darker meaning than the romantic feeling they give off at first, this track is a feel-good moment that definitely stands out in his catalog.

‘Blinding Lights’

We can all probably agree that 2020 as a whole sucked, but ‘Blinding Lights’ was really a shining light that cheered us up through that time. It was the most-streamed song on Spotify in 2020 and is second-most streamed of all time, and made history as the longest-charting Billboard Hot 100 song by a solo artist. It held the record for the longest-charting Hot 100 song overall until Glass Animals beat his record with ‘Heat Waves’ in 2022. Not a bad run! ‘Blinding Lights’ ushered in a new era for The Weeknd, helping build hype for his iconic After Hours album and establishing him as a household name for anyone who might’ve doubted him before.


First off, The Weeknd x Daft Punk is a match made in heaven. Between ‘Starboy’ and ‘I Feel It Coming,’ they’ve truly given us nothing but masterpieces. ‘I Feel It Coming’ deserves to reach Diamond status as well one day, but for now, let’s focus on ‘Starboy!’ The title track and lead single of Abel’s 2016 album of the same name made a splash combining the electronic pop sounds Daft Punk are known for pioneering with The Weeknd’s edgier aesthetic. ‘Starboy’ touches on the dark side of fame and fortune while proving exactly why he’s destined to reach those heights. 

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‘The Hills’

Finally, let’s head to the Hollywood Hills (that have eyes) for ‘The Hills!’ This 2015 hit became The Weeknd’s first-ever Diamond single when it got certified in 2019, and it truly marked the beginning of a new chapter in his career. It was virtually impossible to go on a car ride, listen to a Today’s Hits playlist, or go out shopping without hearing this song, and for good reason. Its success was just as explosive as the tea kettle-esque scream at the beginning of the chorus, and the song’s vibes stood out so much, inspiring darker pop sounds from his peers.

Wow, what a catalog! Now we wanna hear from you – which of The Weeknd’s Diamond singles is your favorite? Which of his lesser-known songs do you think deserves Diamond status? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more Abel content, because we all need more Abel in our lives, click here.


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