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K-Pop Giant SHINee Is Looking For ‘Atlantis’ In Their New Album

K-Pop Giant SHINee Is Looking For ‘Atlantis’ In Their New Album

SHINee is back (again). Just after two very short months, SHINee is back to bless Shawols with the repackaged version of their seventh album Don’t Call Me, this time with title track ‘Atlantis’ and a bright and colorful concept.

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We have been hitting replay on the music video more times than we would like to admit. But those colors, those outfits, the song, and the choreography are just too addictive! ‘Atlantis’ is the complete opposite of February’s ‘Don’t Call Me.’ It is a bright and funky dance-pop song, with loads of synth and SHINee‘s vocal power. Lucky Shawols had the chance to already listen to ‘Atlantis’ during the group’s online concert on April 4th and have been patiently waiting for the studio version ever since. ‘Atlantis’ really does live up to the hype. It is so good! We particularly love Minho’s rap part, which rapper CHANGMO helped with. It is one of the highlights of the song, besides the amazing SHINee-esque ad-libs. Goosebumps!

Our Love Goes Deep Deep…

The new repackage of the groups’ seventh album includes three new songs, ‘Atlantis,’ ‘같은 자리 (Area),’ and ‘Days and Years’ making the album’s tracklist consist of 12 songs. Alongside the title song ‘Atlantis,’ both ‘Area’ and ‘Days and Years’ are absolute bops. The lyrics for ‘Area’ were written by member Minho and are so heart-wrenchingly real and beautiful that when you read them, we are certain you will feel sad while bopping to the groovy beat of this song. Especially Onew shines in ‘Area,’ as his vocal abilities are no joke. ‘Days and Years’ is also a beautiful, very SHINee type of song. It is on the slower side and lives from SHINee’s beautiful harmonies. No group can come close to their harmonies which make their music so incredibly unique and recognizable.

SHINee -Atlantis
Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

During the group’s comeback broadcast SHINee’s Sailing: Finding ‘Atlantis,’ SHINee teased what’s to come next. Shawols can get excited about a fan party, Onew’s musical, Minho’s drama Yumi’s Cell, a Taemin solo album, a Key solo album, and an Onew solo album in the upcoming months. It is so good to have these K-pop giants back and feeding fans with content and top-notch. Overall, their comeback with ‘Atlantis’ is one of the best so far this entire year, and looking at what’s to come, we know 2021 will continue to be an excellent year for Shawols and SHINee.

SHINee -Atlantis
Image Source: tumblr

So, what do you think about ‘Atlantis’? Which of the three new songs is your favorite? Which upcoming activity are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of SM Entertainment

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