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It’s Time To Take A Swim With IVE’s LOVE DIVE

It’s Time To Take A Swim With IVE’s LOVE DIVE

They’re back! After the release of the iconic ‘ELEVEN’ IVE took a dive and came out with perfect 10’s.

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As soon as we saw the teasers and concept photos, IVE was coming for the crown, and they did not disappoint. But before we move on too fast, let’s talk about how cute the concept photos were. Some of them reminded us of Quince and Sweet 16 photos, bringing us to our past THP selves sigh. As well as the ones that look like cool Tumblr edits. Come on, tell us these aren’t some of the best concept photos, they’re simple, yet they stand out.

If truth bee told, we here at THP loved the LOVE DIVE concept photos so much, that we jumped in on it! When can we join IVE?

Jokes aside, though, let’s get to the reason we’re all here…LOVE DIVE. The single album comes hot off the heels of ELEVEN, a track that gained attraction on TikTok for its memorizing dance and very catchy chorus. And as we said earlier, we think LOVE DIVE blew it out of the water.

‘LOVE DIVE’ is the title track for the single album, and we have fallen madly in love with it. We don’t know if you know, but we love tracks with anti-drops, and this one is filled with them. It reminds us of another track we love, ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ by ONF, with its heavy accented beats right from the start. It also has a background track with the girls harmonizing! Though we might have to say, what really hooked us was the dance break’s backtrack, it was ear-catching. ‘LOVE DIVE’ further shows off the talented vocals all the girls possess, and to think they are only at the beginning of their journey, leaves us in awe.

Gif Source: Tenor

And the MV, don’t even get us started! The cinematography, styling, backgrounds, everything is just perfect. Our fave scene has to be the anti-drop scene, where the colors change from pink to blue, it’s so smooth. Speaking of that scene, we also get to see the choreo, and well, from what we can tell so far, IVE always has really cool hand choreo, and they do it with such precision. We really can’t wait to learn it. The MV is also sitting right now at a pretty 11 mill, and rightfully so. It might even be one of our fave KPOP MV’s.

Much like with ELEVEN, we didn’t just get ‘LOVE DIVE,’ we also got b-side, ‘Royal.’ If we were IVE and Starship Entertainment, we would’ve had such a hard time figuring out which track should be the leading track, because ‘ROYAL,’ much like ‘LOVE DIVE’ has a very catchy beat. We also love the EDM beginning and the vocal transition from Wonyoung to Leeseo, it sounded so lovely, and their voices blend so well. And, that high note from Liz, *whew*. Who gave them the right to release two great songs?!

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Gif Source: Tenor

So, DIVE, what did you think of LOVE DIVE? What part was your fave from the track? Do you think ‘ROYAL’ had a chance as a leading track? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, and don’t forget to talk to us over on Facebook and Instagram!

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