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K-POP HOTSPOT: April 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

K-POP HOTSPOT: April 2022 Comebacks And Debuts Roundup

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We are officially in the fifth month of 2022, that’s 2022, almost halfway done! Yet music has kept us company, and as we were recovering from the month of easter bunny and chocolate, K-Pop was right by our side. Yes, that means it is time again for your favorite feature to get all things K-Pop comebacks and debuts: THP’s very own K-Pop roundup! April was full of quality, so make sure to check out the comebacks we already covered, such as NCT Taeyong, SEVENTEEN, DREAMCATCHER, ONEW, SEORI, EXO LAY, RED VELVET, IVE, BIGBANG, BANG YONGGUK, ITZY, SUHO, KWON EUNBI, YOUNITE, MONSTA X, VERIVERY, (G)I-DLE’s MIYEON, PSY, and MAMAMOO’s MOONBYUL.

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Now, let’s get into many more amazing comebacks and debuts from April.


Looking for a new group to stan that serves visuals, irresistible charisma, and bops you won’t be able to get out of your head? ILY:1 are your girls! Four of the six members appeared on Girls Planet 999, so you already know they’re beyond talented. Ara, Elva, Hana, Nayu, Ririka, and Rona absolutely flourish with their debut single ‘Love in Bloom,’ and we’re already itching for more content from these future superstars. But until we get more, we’ll have the playful ‘Love in Bloom’ and the magical b-side ‘AZALEA’ on repeat!


Mark has brought Ahgase another emotional single with an incredible beat. It’s a mellow track that follows what feels like one side of a phone call or conversation. “We fight, you leave, I feel okay.” It seems like Mark is stuck in a cycle, and later in the song, he comes to the realization that this person can’t fix his heart. We’ve been loving Mark’s single releases and can’t wait for his album!


GHOST9 are the only ghosts who we would let scare us, and we would love them even more for it! The super rookies keep those albums coming as if they make them in their sleep, and they all usually deliver! ARCADE : V is the group’s sixth mini-album, and ‘X-RAY’ really showed us they can do it all. It makes for a massive bop!


Let’s talk about a comeback! After member Jaechan took on one of the lead roles of the Korean BL drama Semantic Error DKZ are riding a new wave of hype! We love to see it as long-time DKZ fans! They are back with their sixth single album CHASE EPISODE 2. MAUM a couple of new members we are obsessed with and cheery and uplifting single ‘Cupid’ that makes us call for armor’s arrow to hit us!


Co-written by Jessi herself, ‘ZOOM’ has quickly become another song we play when we want to feel like a boss. She’s a queen of confidence, and this new track acknowledges that. “I’m feelin’ like a million bucks, yeah” She’s crushing it, and we love it!


As warmer weather approaches, we’ve had our eyes (and ears) out for the ultimate springtime bop. You know the one that instantly boosts our moods 200%, and we can play whether we’re driving with the windows down on a sunny day or just doing some chores around the house. And Ha Sung Woon delivered with his latest track, ‘LA LA POP!,’ which we’ve nicknamed ‘LA LA BOP!’ because of how catchy it is! If this song doesn’t get you bouncing in your seat and swaying back and forth, we don’t know what will. It never fails to get a smile on our faces, and we love Sungwoon’s colorful concept in this era!


We are always here for a new JUST B comeback! Our I-LAND boys have been thriving in their new group, and JUST B is off to an amazing start with their second comeback since debut! The mini-album JUST BEGUN offers a variety of sounds we were looking forward to hearing from the boys, and the title song ‘RE=LOAD’ invites us to strong rap verses and a megawatt chorus that makes waiting for their comeback all worth it!


Wipes tears What? No, we’re not crying at Apink’s 11th-anniversary single ‘ I Want You To Be Happy.’ Okay, so what if we are? The clips of heartfelt letters, past concerts, music video filming, photoshoots, and studio recordings make it impossible not to get emotional. Our girls have worked so hard over the years, and we just want to give them the world! And although we’re sad to see Naeun leave the group, we’ll continue to support her and Apink for as long as we can.


Ha:tfelt, aka Yeeun, is back with her new single album Left, and we’re so obsessed! We can’t get enough of her sweet and soulful vocals, especially the English-language tracks ‘Left’ and ‘Tempo.’ Ha:tfelt reveals all of our pent-up frustrations in her songs: feelings of loneliness and longing, pretending to be fine, and the anxiety of falling in love again. She comforts us with every word she sings, and we just feel seen.


No thoughts, we’re just straight-up vibing to Ryeowook’s new pre-release single ‘Bluebird.’ He sings about remembering a past lover and trying to find closure among all the memories. ‘Bluebird’ will be the title track of his third EP A Wild Rose, set to release on May 3. And if this love song is any indication, it’s that we’ll be blessed with vocals, visuals, meaningful lyrics, and beautiful melodies!


INFINITE’s Sunggyu has done it again with his fourth EP Savior! His solo releases keep getting better and better, and we at THP couldn’t be more proud to be his fans. The title track ‘Savior’ is a breath of fresh air, and the instrumental is perfect for when you want to romanticize your daily routine. Oh, how we’ve missed Sunggyu’s amazing vocals!


We are still not over LOVELYZ’ disbandment, but the girls are making sure to keep treating us! Lee Sujeong made her solo debut this month, and it was a good one. Did you all hear that guitar solo at the end of ‘Walking Through The Moon?!’ Absolutely fantastic! Sujeon has proven before that she has the vocals and the rap skills and it makes for an epic song, and amazing solo debut!


E’LAST’s concepts are seriously on another level! Their third mini-album Roar has no skips, and we’re convinced they don’t know how to make a bad song. The title track ‘Creature’ is the werewolf story we’ve been missing in K-Pop songs, and the boys absolutely killed it. All of E’LAST’s b-sides go hard, so everyone needs to stop sleeping on them and stan!


Yoon Jisung, oh how much we love you and how we have missed you! It is so good to see the soloist back under a new company and now, teaming up with Monotree for a title track! ‘Bloom’ really does what it says, it is music that will make you feel like spring truly arrived. Jisung really gave us a song to vibe to, and he sounds so good. We love the groove ‘Bloom’ gives us! The entire album is a masterpiece!

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Our queen Soyou just dropped her latest EP Day & Night, AKA the R&B album of the year! This mini-album is her first release since signing with BPM Entertainment, and it did NOT disappoint. Her title track ‘Business’ feat. BE’O is soothing, aesthetic, and so, so good! It’s the type of song that instantly makes you feel better after a long day. Other features in Soyou’s EP include Jung Yong Hwa, Jukjae, and DAVII, and each one was made for us to put on repeat.


You won’t want to ‘Play Hide & Seek’ with ICHILLIN’s first mini-album, Bridge of Dreams. We loved everything about this comeback, from the tracks to the styling, and especially the growth the group has had. Our fave tracks have to be the title track ‘Play Hide & Seek,’ as well as ‘FRESH.’ Those high notes in ‘FRESH’ whew, we were just blown away by the vocals in the album.


DKB returned with their fourth mini-album Rebel and made us ‘Sober’ up! They know how to make us remember why we love them. Stemming from the label that gave us Brave Girls and countless hits, DKB sure know how to do the same. With that catchy shouty chorus, ‘Sober’ has, we are set to have this banger stuck in our heads! The verses are all more than strong rap-wise, we love it! We are also so happy to see ‘Rollercoaster’ as a b-side on Rebel since it is a slow jam.


This one almost slipped past us! RoaD-B gave us a song that absolutely makes us miss previous generations of K-POP! Teaming up with long-time K-Pop producer Sweettune made them able to give us a smooth single with ‘Nonstop’ we are truly obsessed! This one absolutely bangs!


Oh, Kang Daniel how we missed you making music! We are absolutely pumped for Daniel’s comeback this coming May, but before that, he offered us a new Universe single with ‘Ready to ride!’ The banger is just a teaser of what’s to come ,we are sure of it. But for now, that amazing chorus is stuck in our heads!

How did we make it through this month of bangers without collapsing, right? Are we ready for more since May seems to be absolutely packed!? Of course! What was your favorite comeback of April? Which one are you most excited about in March? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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