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What’s ‘After LIKE?’ Our Love For IVE, Of Course!

What’s ‘After LIKE?’ Our Love For IVE, Of Course!

If you love IVE as much as we do at THP, then “my God, I love it” is more than just a lyric for you – it’s a lifestyle, an attitude, and your instant reaction whenever IVE does anything at all. We know it was our instant reaction when our girls announced their comeback with ‘After LIKE,’ and it was definitely our reaction when we finally got to hear that bop!

Gaeul, Leeseo, Liz, Rei, Wonyoung, and Yujin have truly outdone themselves this time around. And the stakes were high – their debut track, ‘ELEVEN,’ their recent hit ‘LOVE DIVE,’ and all of their b-sides so far have been staples on our playlists. If you’re already a DIVE, you’re about to have a new favorite song, and if you’re not a DIVE yet, you’re about to become one! So let’s take a closer look at IVE’s comeback with ‘After LIKE.’

‘After LIKE’

We don’t LIKE this title track… we love it! With strings and clean synths, it has such a fresh vibe that hooks you in from the opening notes. ‘After LIKE’ is a playful love song about admitting your feelings are stronger than just “like” and taking the dive to tell someone you love them. Turn up the LED lights in your room, add some strobes if you have them, and you’re ready to start jamming out to this dance floor anthem! Plus, if you need even more of a reason to love it, Rei has a writing credit on the track.

And can we talk about the music video for a second? Because we wanna talk about the music video for a second. Rei singing by a luxury sports car and still outshining it with her visual and vocals. Leeseo standing in a giant sunflower that matches her bright smile and charisma. Liz looking absolutely adorable on an airport platform while a plane flies overhead. Yujin looking like a Barbie decked out in diamonds on a hot pink staircase. Wonyoung being a show-stopper in a red dress in front of a giant bunny. Gaeul flexing her style in the middle of a robot-led photoshoot and totally crushing it. Each of the girls got their own shining moment and we’re obsessed!

‘My Satisfaction’

It wouldn’t be a true IVE single without an equally amazing b-side! ‘My Satisfaction’ is, simply put, soooo satisfying. Between the dark pop intro, the guitar that kicks in during the verses, and confident lyrics like “I believe in myself more than anyone, I make myself shine,” this might just be our favorite IVE b-side to date. It just exudes such a strong energy that we can’t get enough of!

Once again, IVE have shown us that they’re one of the most talented groups out there and offered us two incredible new songs with different vibes, genres, and attitudes. The songs and aesthetics are incredible, so you’ll definitely catch us scouring the internet for copies of the physical album and as many photocards as possible. We were DIVEs before, but we love the girls more than ever with this comeback!

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Now we wanna hear from you! What do you think of ‘After LIKE’ and ‘My Satisfaction?’ What’s your favorite IVE title track? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! And for more K-Pop content, click here.


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