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Chloe Moriondo Is Back To Change The Music Industry Again, With Suckerpunch!

Chloe Moriondo Is Back To Change The Music Industry Again, With Suckerpunch!

Our fave alternative pop super cutie Chloe Moriondo has officially announced that their new album Suckerpunch will be released everywhere on October 7th 2022. Try not to explode with excitement but we are also receiving tour dates! We have fallen head over heels with Chloe and their music. Her most recent single ‘Fruity’ is not only the most fun time we’ve heard in a song in awhile but it also sounds super different from Chloe’s usual work. However, we are completely and utterly obsessed with this new style of music. She is still rocking that warm ear-pleasing voice but also being backed by a funky upbeat electric production. ‘Fruity’ was an instant add to the Summer playlist. The fact that ‘Fruity’ is just a little taste of the album that they are about to gift us with is beyond exciting

We Have Been Sucker Punched By The Titles On This Track List

  1. ‘Popstar’
  2. ‘Fruity’
  3. ‘Trophy’
  4. ‘Knockout’
  5. ‘Hell Hounds’
  6. ‘Hotel For Clowns’
  7. ‘DRESS UP’
  8. ‘Plastic Purse’
  9. ‘Celebrity’
  10. ‘Cdbaby<3’
  11. ‘Hearteyes’
  12. ‘Diet Heartbreak’
  13. ‘Cry’

Even just the title of these incoming bops are enough to get us ridiculously stoked for Suckerpunch.

“‘Fruity’ and this album in general are going to be a slap in the f*cking face! I liked the idea of naming the album for something that means an unexpected hit—something you never saw coming. It means the world to me to have the creative means to explore different shiny sounds and work with people I love so dearly on a project that is so new and exciting for me.”

Chloe Moriondo

Chloe Is A Fellow Internet Kid Just Like Us

Chloe is a self proclaimed internet kid, just like us! Except they are running the internet with their silly humor, beautiful voice, and incredible self written songs. Having such a genuine person making such great music is super inspiring. Moriondo is definitely a great inspiration for anyone who is into music! She has achieved really exciting and big things, such as one of our fave albums, Public Consumption/Fueled By Ramen, which landed on the “Best Albums of 2021” lists from The New York Times and Billboard. It was even a “Critic’s Pick” award by The New York Times. As it should be!

Stan Chloe Moriondo

Image Source: Chloe Moriondo via Instagram

We are so excited that Chloe will also be back on the road to perform their beautiful songs to all of us fans! Special guest Dreamer Isioma will be making an appearance too! We just cannot wait to hear all of these new songs live. Join us and come see Chloe on tour this Fall! Buy your tickets here!

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Are you as excited as we are? We adore Chloe so much and we cannot wait to see them succeed with this new body of music. Which songs are you most excited for? Tell us by tweeting us @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on our Facebook and Instagram.


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