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The Backseat Lovers Rock NYC for Sold Out Concert

The Backseat Lovers Rock NYC for Sold Out Concert

If you haven’t been listening to Utah-based rock band The Backseat Lovers, you’re missing out big time. We got the opportunity to get out to their sold-out New York City concert on their North American Tour at the Bowery Ballroom and trust us, it was amazing.

The night kicked off with indie-rock band Sleepy Gonzales hitting the stage. They filled the venue with good vibes and had everyone in the room dancing. Beni, their drummer, brought the jokes and made sure everyone was having a good time while Ally, lead vocalist, truly shined throughout the set with her incredible voice.

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In between Sleepy Gonzales and The Backseat Lovers, Bowery Ballroom played all Queen music to pass the time. The energy did. not. drop. Everyone was singing and dancing the whole break – right up until the house lights went down again.

Image Source: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey Pop

When The Backseat Lovers finally took the stage, the crowd was deafening. It was pretty clear that New York absolutely loves this band – as they should. It was the guys’ second time in NYC (the first being the night before). Josh, the lead vocalist, and guitarist mentioned how much they love the city and even got some bagels that morning – much to the delight of the crowd.

Despite a small “string malfunction,” the show was pretty much perfect. Of course, they played fan favorites like ‘Kilby Girl’ and ‘Maple Syrup,’ but we also got a first listen to a track off the sophomore album they’ve been working on for a while. It’s called ‘Slowing Down’ and it’s so good.

Right before the last song, the crowd went crazy. If you said you could hear the cheers and applause from three blocks away, we’d believe you. The guys couldn’t stop smiling and just looked out at the sea of fans for over a minute before playing ‘Still A Friend.’ It felt like a real “we made it” moment. Hearing a sold-out NYC crowd scream your name at your concert had to pull at some heartstrings for The Backseat Lovers.

Naturally, we couldn’t get enough, nor could the rest of the crowd. After chanting for an encore, our wish was granted for one more song. It’s been a Backseat Lovers tradition since the start of the band to play ‘Sinking Ship’ to end every show. Joshua spoke before the song and told the crowd about how it’s a song meant to release everything built up inside of you. He asked everyone to put so much love out into the world, especially for those three minutes, because you never know who would need it.

And the crowd did. There was such a strong sense of family and community that made us forget about everything bad in the world. If we could live in those three minutes forever, we would do it in a second. We’ve been thinking about it ever since.

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If you couldn’t get tickets to The Backseat Lovers’ sold-out NYC concert, don’t worry. There are a ton more dates of the North American Tour, you can check out the dates here. Get your tickets while you still can and we might see you there!

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Featured Image and Gallery: Alyssa Rasp for The Honey Pop

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