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INTERVIEW: MAKEOUT Make Us Want To Melt In This Exclusive Q&A!

INTERVIEW: MAKEOUT Make Us Want To Melt In This Exclusive Q&A!

MAKEOUT is about to be your new favorite band- no ifs, and’s, or buts about it! We have a knack for knowing these things, trust us!

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With a new frontman and bassist, MAKEOUT recently released a new single titled ‘Home,’ and it’s so good we can’t get it out of our heads! Their discography overall is fire, and getting to interview them has made us happier than a kid at Christmas! Gear up those MAKEOUT playlists, and check out the interview below!

‘Home’ is your first single with a new frontman and bassist! How did you manage to find a new dynamic to work together? What do Kyle and AJ bring to the table?

Well, we knew AJ from his old band. We spent a lot of time together on Warped 2018, so we knew that we would work well together and when we were looking for a new singer, Kyle really nailed the audition. We appreciated that he picked one of the hardest songs to sing and sent that to us as his audition. It’s been a learning process to see how we all work together, but it’s been a pretty seamless process, and everybody brings something unique to the table. AJ is great for making sure we stick to the vision of the song, and Kyle is really good at taking lyrics and melodies and molding them into something that flows really well.- Tyler

The word ‘home’ has different meanings for everyone, what does it mean to you? Any memory that comes to mind when you think of that?

When I think of the word Home, I think of being a kid, running around the neighborhood without a care in the world. But the sentiment of the song being called “Home” is about wanting to be in a safe place. Feeling comfortable and warm. – Kyle

You were on the road with some major bands, can you tell us which band would be your dream to go on tour with?

We were fortunate to tour with Blink 182 a couple years ago. We would love to do that again. All Time Low would be a sick pairing, too. – Tyler

Can you describe your progress as a band? Your sound clearly developed over the years but what do you expect from it in the future?

Musically, we’re always going to play fast, fun songs, but as we’ve progressed, we’re more focused on the message that we’re putting out into the world. We’ve got a lot to say and we want to make sure that our lyrics will provide a deeper connection with our audience. – Kyle

What would you say is the recipe to a signature Makeout song?

Distorted guitars, crazy drum fills, really catchy melodies, and a bit of emotional angst sprinkled on top. Then turn it up and play the song faster than you think you should. – Tyler

If MAKEOUT were to host their own festival, who could we expect on the lineup?

Our ideal festival would be a combination of staple bands like Blink 182 and Green Day, but also up and coming artists like WSTSR, Yours Truly, Stand Atlantic, etc. – Kyle

Pandemic question alert! Is there one place you’d like to visit after all of this is over?

We were so stoked to head to the UK and we know our fans over there were excited too. That’s probably top on our list. – Tyler

Did the lockdown help you as a band in any way? Can you tell us about it?

It did. As much as it set us back, you gotta look for the positives and it forced us to be creative and think outside the box. Especially for our new music video…the whole video is based around “what can we do while quarantined and social distancing?” The video wouldn’t be the same if we were under normal circumstances. – Kyle

What track from your upcoming EP are you most excited to share with fans?

We were really excited about the song “Home” because we knew it was gonna be our first single, but every song on the EP is gonna have a different element of excitement. There’s another song called “Famous” that we’re all stoked on. – Kyle

What is the one thing your fans should be excited about this new sound?

We’re experimenting a little bit, but we haven’t strayed too far. If anything, it’s just a little bit more in-your-face. If you enjoyed our first record, we’re hoping you’ll love the new songs, too. – Tyler

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There you have it Honey Poppers, and we hope getting a little insight inside their music makes you love them even more (we know it did us!) BTW… hey, All Time Low, you heard them, hit them up for tour!

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Did MAKEOUT answer any of your burning questions? Which song of the band’s is youR current favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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