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Melanie Martinez Delivered Her Virtual Show “With a Bow-Tied Ribbon”

Melanie Martinez Delivered Her Virtual Show “With a Bow-Tied Ribbon”


Graduating from K-12 Melanie Martinez put on a marvelous virtual show last Thursday, full of costume changes, pastel colors, fake blood, and the personality we all know and love. With her show, Can’t Wait Till I’m Out of K-12 ending an era, we can’t believe we’re saying this, but we wish we were stuck in detention because we don’t want it to be over!

Making us forget we were watching through our screens, Melanie took fans on a field trip into the world of Cry Baby as she goes through the troubles of school, a little dramatically of course, but we were expecting nothing less.

Starting the night with ‘Play Date,’ Melanie appears with three dancers in a school like set up with desks and all. Many of the backdrops throughout the show look familiar to the many visuals provided in the K-12 era and we were living for the aesthetic.

Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli

With a different outfit for almost every song, Melanie Martinez showed out with her many costumes that were cute and even somewhat gruesome. A mixture that only she can pull off so flawlessly you think nothing of the contradiction. One of our favorite costume changes of the night was the cake dress she donned for ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ and of course she had to make it as realistic as possible with slices being able to be pulled off and all.

Sticking to the food topic, her dancers also destroyed a cake on the stage during, ‘Strawberry Shortcake’ and oranges on the stage for ‘Orange Juice.’ Gotta love all the little deranged details. And speaking of details, there was some pretty creative camera work happening for this show, like the framing of Melanie with her dancers’ hands and the illusion of her flying up into the sky in a hot air balloon! The whole show was a work of art, down to the tiniest detail and we are in awe of how great the production was!

There were many props throughout the show as well with a full hospital bed for ‘Nurses Office’ and even a fake brain and heart during ‘Brain & Heart.’ Yep, you guessed it right!

Photo Credit: Stefan Kohli

And of course, Melanie had to go out with a bang, as the last song was a fan favorite, ‘The Bakery’ and it ended with a heart-shaped bowl of milk, turned to blood. How much more on brand could she have gotten! Well, she did top it off with a video of the burning K-12 school, so we guess she could be even more on brand. What a way to say goodbye to your school years!

With a full setlist, Melanie played songs from both K-12 and her After School EP during the virtual show. You can take a look at the full setlist below, with the tracks from After School even making their live debut!

‘Play Date’
‘Show & Tell’
‘Strawberry Shortcake’
‘Orange Juice’
‘High School Sweethearts’
‘Nurse’s Office’
‘Test Me’
‘Brain & Heart’
‘Field Trip’
‘The Bakery’

As we sign our names in the yearbook of this era, we can only patiently wait to see if Cry Baby will continue on this musical journey with Melanie Martinez, or if she has something new altogether in-store for fans! But until then you can best believe we have her entire discography on repeat as we live through the life of Cry Baby!

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Did you get to catch Can’t Wait Till I’m Out of K-12? What was your favorite song live? Or even your favorite costume? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us over @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image via Stefan Kohli

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