11 ONF Songs To Get Ready For Their Comeback

11 ONF Songs To Get Ready For Their Comeback

Calling all Fuse and Fuse-to-be, ONF is gearing up for their long-awaited comeback ONF: MY NAME on February 24th! The comeback will be the group’s first full album and has been dubbed as the Michelin Star restaurant of music by lucky early listeners. We, here at The Honey POP, are highly anticipating the album, since ONF’s music color is unrivaled and the quality of their music is always high. The six-member group has been teasing the comeback by dropping a series of teasers; from group teasers, individual teasers, the digital cover of the album, an opening trailer, to the highlight medley of the album and an entire surprise pre-release song called ‘My Name Is!’ ONF certainly has Fuse super excited for the comeback!

Image Source: WM Entertainment

Everything about ONF: MY NAME screams retro, but at the same time, the boys give Fuse refreshing and charismatic visuals and the imagery of boys from the future. We are certainly excited to see what ONF will bring to the table. Since the first teasers of the title ‘Beautiful Beautiful’ dropped, Fuses have been wondering if this comeback will be another story in another space set in one of the parallel worlds from their fifth mini-album SPIN OFF. Some stills from the music video have supported such theories as well. We, for one, are intrigued and while Fuses have to wait for this sure-to-be amazing comeback, we have 11 ONF songs for you to make the wait a little bit easier.

‘My Name Is’

‘New World’

‘Moscow Moscow’

‘Not A Sad Song’

‘Sukhumvit Swimming’

‘We Must Love’


‘Good Good’


‘It’s Raining’

‘Love Arrow’


ONF never misses when it comes to their music and these 11 songs are just an excerpt from their great discography. Thankfully February 24th isn’t too far away, so we will get to hear another ONF masterpiece very soon! What’s your favorite ONF song? How excited are you for ONF: MY NAME? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: WM Entertainment

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8 months ago

Why is so majestic. But Complete is THE go-to dance song! ☆


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