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Don’t Let Ashley Kutcher be a ‘What If’, Fall in Love Now

Don’t Let Ashley Kutcher be a ‘What If’, Fall in Love Now


Practicing her art from a young age, singer-songwriter, Ashley Kutcher was born to be heard by audiences worldwide. We’re so glad to be graced by her musical presence and smooth vocals, making you feel every emotion she emits through her music. And after this exclusive THP interview, we’re sure she’ll be at the top of your playlists!

With one upload to TikTok, Ashley gained thousands of views in just 48 hours from her demo ‘Lust,’ which was soon followed by fan-favorite ‘Love You From a Distance!’ Now on her second single of this year, ‘Favorite What If,‘ Ashley has shown there’s no slowing her down!

Like us, you’ve probably wondered, “what does it take for someone to write such emotion-pulling lyrics?” Well, you’re in for a treat as we sat down with rising artist, Ashley Kutcher, to learn how she finds inspiration for her many bops, how it felt to do such a different switch in careers, and what fans can look out for in the future!

You’ve been a musician since you were a kid, do you think your father being a drummer led to you being more musically driven? 
Being raised surrounded by music definitely had a huge impact on my journey with music. I was introduced to instruments at a very young age and was always around my dad playing in bands and having jam nights. When I got my first official guitar at 16, I remember not being able to put it down. 

So you completed nursing school and were on a set career path, what helped you make the ultimate decision that following your passion was the right choice?
Walking away from a nursing career was a difficult decision. I was torn for a while on what I wanted to do. Music has always been so important to me, but I never actually thought I’d get the opportunity to turn it into a full-time career. After the release of ‘Love You from a Distance,’ I was flooded with messages on how my music was helping people. Once I realized I was actually helping people with my music, it just clicked and I knew I was following the right path.

And your song ‘Lust’ went viral on TikTok, what was your reaction when you opened TikTok and saw thousands of views?
That was a crazy moment for me. It was insane seeing all the likes and comments pop up from people who wanted my song released. It made me feel really good because I make music for myself, but I release music for other people to listen to. This was the first song of mine where I felt was highly anticipated.

Image Source: Clyde Munroe

TikTok has been a great resource in finding new and amazing talent, do you think you’d have chosen the music path if it weren’t for the platform? How do you stay connected to the fans you’ve accumulated from the exposure on the platform?
I think TikTok was a great way to get my music out there. While other platforms serve your content to your followers, TikTok can push your video to just about anyone. Having TikTok has helped me tremendously and helped me reach the audience I have today. I stay connected with my audience all the time by posting, going live, and replying to comments. 

Your track ‘Love You From a Distance’ was inspired by a tweet, what about the tweet stood out to you that gave you the inspiration to write this song?
My song ‘Love You From a Distance’ was actually based on a comment from one of my followers. She requested a song about a specific situation, and it related so much to one of my past relationships that I was really able to connect with it and make it what it is.

With your track, ‘If I Could’ you mentioned that it was a unique song for you to write because it was originally about someone else’s battle, but you found your own meaning. Can you share with us what it means to you? 
‘If I Could’ was written from the perspective of my friend, but once I started writing it, I begin to find my own meanings all throughout the song. The song is about taking the pain away from someone. Sometimes, we have to witness people we love go through hard times, and we can’t do much about it. All we can do is be there for them.

Since it wasn’t originally your story, did that writing process differ from how you usually write songs? If so how? Can you take us through your songwriting process? 
Instead of diving into my life, I was diving into someone else’s. The writing process was definitely different because I was trying to understand their emotions and how they were feeling. Writing is all about diving as deep into the topic as you can, so sometimes it can be emotional.

That last verse of ‘If I Could’ really hits hard, especially the lines, “I’d carry you until you’re out the woods/ I’d love to see you live the life you should.” How do you so effortlessly write about raw emotions, and do you see it as somewhat therapeutic to get these feelings off your chest?
I have been asking myself this question since I started songwriting. Sometimes, those thoughts and feelings just come naturally. I’ve always been an overthinker so getting all those thoughts and emotions out is therapeutic. The right words can be hard to find, but if you really sit with it they usually just come out. 

The play on lighting in the video for ‘If I Could’ was phenomenal, where did you get the idea for the video? 
I wanted to portray the concept of time in the ‘If I Could’ music video. Clyde Monroe, my director for that video, had a great idea of using a bunch of projectors. So we used hourglasses and countdowns with intriguing flashing lights to portray the concept of time. I just knew it was going to be a cool video when I watched back the first few takes. 

And you just released a new track ‘Favorite What If.’ The lyrics hit pretty hard and give incredible imagery. Can you tell us the story behind the track? What do you hope fans take away from it? 
‘Favorite What If’ is one of my favorite songs I’ve released so far. Most people seem to have someone in their life that they thought they were going to end up with at a certain point. Whether it was a first love or just a summer fling that felt right. I hope people get nostalgic from this song, thinking about those memories with their specific person. 

The narrative in this song sounds like ‘the perfect love that got away’ story. If it is about someone specifically, do you plan on sharing the song with them? If it’s not, do you think you’d ever confess to “the one that got away” from you? 
I first started writing when I was in college, so I immediately started writing about all the things from when I was younger that I never wrote about prior. A lot of my songs have been related to past situations. I write to express how I feel or have felt. I don’t think any confessions will be made. 🙂

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And this is your second single this year, following ‘If I Could,’ is there a bigger project to come later this year like an EP or album that you can tell us about?
There’s always something bigger I’m working on! Since I started writing music full time, I just haven’t stopped. I was able to go on a writing trip in LA recently, plan more videos, expand my team, and I just can’t wait to continue to share!

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Not only did Ashley drop her new track, but fans also got a music video for the emotional tune! Shot like a home video of two lovers driving in a convertible, the scene switches between a couple doing everything to just Ashley seeming to reminisce about what could have been. The story was told brilliantly through the imagery, and we definitely have to give it a 10/10!

Don’t believe us? Watch the video for yourself below!

What do you wish you would have told your ‘Favorite What If?’ Have you added Ashley Kutcher to your playlists yet? If not, hop to it and tell us your favorite track on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram and, you can always leave a comment below!

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Featured Image Source: Clyde Munroe

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