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INTERVIEW: We Bowled A Strike With This Winnetka Bowling League Interview

INTERVIEW: We Bowled A Strike With This Winnetka Bowling League Interview

If you’re in search of some good music, then you’re in the right place! Winnetka Bowling League not only has the tunes you’ve been craving and a sound like no other, but also the answers to your burning questions!

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We were given the incredible opportunity to interview them, and let me tell you we weren’t disappointed by their answers! They are an out-of-this-world band and even better human beings. Check out our exclusive interview below, and prepare to stan!

As you are a newer band, what song of yours would you tell people to listen to to get to know you?

I think ‘Slow Dances’ is a good introduction into our little world. 

What is your writing process like, and what would you say goes into the perfect Winnetka song?

Both singles ‘Come To The Beach’ and ‘Congratulations’ were written pre-pandemic in hopes that they would be relevant post-pandemic. Are you finding it harder to write during this time? Is it challenging to provide relatable content while maintaining your signature upbeat sound?

It was really strange to sit down and write for the first few times during quarantine. With so many major conversations happening, it felt a little self important to go so internal. As other artists started releasing music and I realized how good that made me feel as a fan, it helped reframe the purpose a little bit. 

Matthew, you have a dry sense of humor, and we can see it through your songs. How do you manage to put that to work when writing lyrics?

Winnetka songs are sort of this safe place for me to not overthink…so I think a lot of the words are just whatever train of thought came in that sitting. 

Part New York Natives, Part LA, let’s hear it – East Coast or West Coast? Which is better, and why so? Do you think where you lived has an influence on your style as a band?

I truly love both, so much. There’s something to the space in Los Angeles and being alone with yourself. New York allows you the anxiety of people just by stepping out your door. I usually miss that a lot when I’m in LA. 

You all come from different musical backgrounds and started as a band very recently. How is the process of working well with each other as a band? Any special recipes?

We’ve been really fortunate to get on well so far. My brother is the drummer, so that part was easy. Sam, who plays keys with us, may as well have been our missing brother. 

Sage is our newest addition; we haven’t gotten to spend much time together yet since COVID, but she hangs in our group text really well and seems to put up with our stupidity. 

Matthew, you are also known for hits with Zedd. What is the difference between songwriting for yourself versus another artist?

It’s a totally different process to write something that’s meant to be sung by someone else. There’s a lot of consideration, in terms of the message the artist is looking to deliver, who they are, what they want to say…When it’s your song, that part isn’t there, and there’s huge freedom in that.

There are parts about both that I love. It’s easy to get hung up on stuff when it’s yours because there are no boundaries…so the separation is nice when you’re helping shape someone else’s perspective. It feels less heavy. 

We can only imagine how difficult it is to find a unique distinction as a band. How did you find your sound? Is there a way to keep nurturing the development of that?

The first EP was written/recorded in an apartment in NY, and once ‘On The 5’ was written, it felt like there was a blueprint to start with. For whatever reason, that song triggered the rest. And from there, through touring, experimenting, and figuring out how far it could stretch.

It’s been a really natural process to let it evolve. That’s what has been so nice about making EP’s– they aren’t huge commitments. Write 5 or 6 songs, put them out and tour on them, then another 5 or 6…Trying not to be overly precious or judgey and let the band find it’s place. There’s something really fun about letting it evolve in front of everyone and with our fans instead of feeling the pressure of having to perfect something.

You once said that your favorite band bonding experience was Escape Rooms (we are fans, too!). So, be honest… who is the one that solves the most puzzles during an escape room?

Sam. Most of us are the worst, like actually useless. Sam has the brain that’s most able to solve. Kris is very handy so anything requiring physical adaption or tools is his world.

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You made a lot of progress as a band from your first EP to now. How was the path that led you to where you stand today? What do you see for the band in the future?

It honestly sort of feels like we’re just cruising along and watching it happen along with everyone else. I feel so happy to be playing music with these people, and I love the little world we’re building. So ideally, the future holds the ability to continue doing that. Our 5th EP will probably suck; I feel like that’s the unlucky number? We’ll see.

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We love this band more than we can express with words. They create amazing music, and overall, are upstanding human beings, which we think they’ve proven time and time again.

What do you think of Winnetka Bowling League? Are you excited for their EP? Which question and answer was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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