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6 Things We Learned From Pharrell And BTS’ RM’s Rolling Stone Conversation

6 Things We Learned From Pharrell And BTS’ RM’s Rolling Stone Conversation

What happens when you put two of the most intelligent musical masterminds in a room together? One of the most insightful and articulate conversations we’ve ever heard! At least, that’s exactly what we got when Pharrell and BTS’ leader RM sat down for the latest in Rolling Stone’s Musicians On Musicians series.

As writers and as people, we learned so much from their chat, probably more than we can unpack here. But we’re going to do our very best, so here are six things we learned from RM and Pharrell’s conversation.

Pharell’s Writing Process

Pharrell is basically the king of writing for other artists – think Ariana’s Sweetener, Camila’s ‘Havana,’ Beyoncé’s Beyoncé, and so so many more. Both artists unpacked how they write for others, and the difference between their processes was fascinating.

For Pharrell, it’s about pushing boundaries and pushing the artist. He uses the “texture” of their voice as inspiration, creating music that sounds like nothing they’ve ever made before. His philosophy is all about exploration and taking risks – not all of these studio sessions work out – but the ones that do really work.

RM’s Writing Process

For RM (AKA Namjoon), it’s very different. He describes it as an opportunity to play as a different avatar or character, as opposed to how vulnerable and “confessional” writing for himself can be. When you think of how raw something like Namjoon’s mono mixtape is, you can totally see why writing for other artists could almost be a relief sometimes.

The Joys Of Remaining An Outsider

Now, this is a predicament that anyone creative can relate to – when you find a new form of art that you love, do you start to create your own and let it become ‘work,’ or do you leave it be? Namjoon is well known for his love of visual art, often sharing his gallery visits with ARMY on his Instagram or donating his collection to various exhibitions. But now he’s said he “won’t draw a single line” of his own as he wants to remain an outsider and a fan. We totally understand where he’s coming from, and we find this attitude of pure appreciation really inspiring!

The Realities Of Stardom And Touring

Namjoon is always honest and open with ARMY, which is something the fandom loves and appreciates. In his conversation with Pharrell, he got real about the pressures of touring. Talking about his first experience performing live (at a club with an audience of about 10 when he was just 15 years old), RM said he quickly realized he wasn’t a “star-type” frontman after forgetting most of the lyrics. Whilst we respectfully disagree, we really value his candor about his nerves.

Earlier this year, BTS wrapped up their stadium show series PERMISSION TO DANCE: ON STAGE, and speaking of these shows, Joon admitted that he still gets nervous and that “every night is a challenge.” BTS’ close relationship with ARMY means that the band knows all too well what these shows mean to their fans. ARMY travel from all over the world, and in turn, Namjoon wants to “offer them the best night of their lives.” We hope that BTS knows that every concert, even when we’re watching through our screens, could never ever disappoint!

Mason Poole for Rolling Stone

Namjoon’s Album

Namjoon’s official debut solo album is “90% done.” We’re officially shaking, crying, and all the rest of it! With BTS entering chapter two of their careers and releasing solo work around their individual military enlistments, we can’t wait to see what the always-poetic Namjoon has in store for us. Plus, Pharell is offering to help with that last 10%.

The Mystery Collaboration

Yep, you read that right! We’re getting a BTS x Pharrell collab! Speaking of his latest project, Phriends, Pharrell just casually dropped, “you guys are on there, obviously.” Hello?! You can’t just say that and not give us all the details right now! There were rumors floating about that it will be Namjoon and Jungkook on the collab, but we guess we’ll just have to not-so-patiently wait and see.

See Also

If you’re as enamored by this conversation as we are, you can check out RM and Pharrell in the conversation for Rolling Stone below!

What did you think of their conversation? We’re taking bets on what the collab is gonna sound like! Let us know all your thoughts over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. Or you can find us on Instagram and Facebook!

And if you want more BTS in your life? Duh, we’ve got you, boo.





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