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Kurt Vile and the Violators: The Live Review You Need To Read

Kurt Vile and the Violators: The Live Review You Need To Read

Making the most of the night, Kurt Vile and the Violators created a laid-back and inviting atmosphere from the start. We got to see firsthand just how creative Kurt’s mind is as he adapted and trusted the night to unfold as it was. Currently ending the last leg of their current tour, the band made sure to hit Providence, RI on Halloween weekend. It was truly an amazing night filled with guitar solos and standing ovations. 

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey Pop

The Indie-Rock Opener You’d Love: Come

Opening the night was Boston’s own, Come. The four piece folk-rock inspired band lit up the room instantly. Heavily routed in the 90s indie-rock scene, this band has had years of stage time. With ties from Dinosaur Jr. and Sonic Youth, Come has lived many lives and brought a totally different yet intimate vibe to the night.

Their set felt heavy to the touch (as most indie-rock sets do) but once you got acquainted to their lyrics, it felt as if we were invited to a private jam session. With most of their set coming from their newly remastered album from 1994, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, we got to hear songs such as ‘German Song’ and ‘Mercury Falls.’ If you are a person that lives deep in the rich culture of 90s rock, we highly suggest you check them out.

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey Pop

The Constant Hitmaker Himself: Kurt Vile

As for the main act, Kurt Vile, we were absolutely living for his genuine nature and laid-back humor. Playing in an old converted theatre, Kurt and the Violators stopped by Rhode Island’s Columbus Theatre. Perfect for his vibe, the band could jam along while their fans listened intently. Sharing most songs off his newest album (watch my moves), we got a good listen in while getting to hear some of his most famous songs like ‘Pretty Pimpin’ and ‘Walking On A Pretty Day.’

Kurt had mentioned his newest project working with the same label that signed the Velvet Underground, Verve Records. Kurt Vile has been around making music since his first album release in 2008. Being a headlight for the indie-rock scene, Kurt has been able to tell his own story and collab with some pretty cool people along the way (Courtney Barnett and John Prine anyone?).

The best way to describe Kurt’s discography is something you would jam to while record shopping. BUT nothing beats the feeling of seeing a team of musicians centering around what they love to do in person. It was prevalent that the audience that attended had known every word and were just happy to be in the same space as Kurt again. 

Image Source: Jazmin Tuscani for The Honey Pop

Overall, We Stan Kurt!

The whole night fans shouted out song suggestions and were met with Kurt’s jokes about being unable to play them. He jokingly replied, “thank you for the suggestions… I actually forgot how to play those ones.” It was a night to truly bask in the overall ambiance of how music makes us feel (and how Kurt Vile’s music is laid out in front of us). Being a stress-free night, with a special appearance from his gator who stood stage left the whole night, we couldn’t get enough of this live set. 

If you want to catch a show that is nothing short of a talent-filled and relaxing evening, tell Kurt we sent you and 10/10 would love to join in (so buy an extra ticket for us, we’ll meet you there in 10).

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