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We Can’t Stop Blaring Royal & The Serpent and We Have ‘No Regrets’!

We Can’t Stop Blaring Royal & The Serpent and We Have ‘No Regrets’!

Royal & The Serpent has once again proven why she’s a true queen and an iconic visionary. For five weeks she dropped a song from her new EP Happiness is an Inside Job, each track considered chapters to complete the overall project. We’ve always known she was talented, but this has truly showcased her amazing lyrical ability as well as her attention to detail in bringing those words to life.


If you’ve ever said to yourself, or other people, “I’m fine” but were really screaming inside: this is your anthem. A raw take on that simple phrase often used to downplay what’s really going on, Royal kicks it off with a bang! We’re obsessed with the video and it’s definitely giving off those funhouse/madhouse vibes!

‘Death of Me’

In contrast with the dark tune, Royal talks about how the internet can be damaging but also gives us a pretty inspiring pep talk! Even though she says, “Happiness will be the death of me,” we’re also told to be ourselves, stop overthinking, and be the person we’ve always dreamed of. We love this motivational speaker era!

‘Love Abuser (Save Me)’

Definitely our fave of the five, this is a true rock banger we’ll be singing in the car with the windows down whenever we’re angry. Written as a violent, melodic love letter, it’s an honest glimpse into the toxicity of depending on someone else to save you.

‘Happiness 4 Dummies’

‘Happiness 4 Dummies’ is a gritty song all about trying to find that self-love and self-acceptance that can sometimes escape us and the struggle to ask for help. Once again Royal finds a way to connect with her audience, putting into words what several aren’t able to. It’s definitely the perfect “cry in the shower” song (if you’re into that kind of thing!)

‘No Regrets’

The perfect finale to this passionate, breathtaking, rock and roll masterpiece we’re motivated to live life with no regrets. The song, as well as the visual, ties up the journey flawlessly. Although dirty and grimy (not insults, we’re here for it!), we’re told there’s beauty in acceptance.

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Happiness truly is an inside job, and we’ve found ours in this EP! Royal & The Serpent has ripped out our souls and put it to music and we’re obsessed! If you haven’t already, check out the full EP and the rest of her catalog on Spotify. Or, try to catch her on tour! She’s worked with and opened for amazing artists like Demi Lovato and Nessa Barrett and that’s only the beginning!

Tell us in the comments or on Twitter @thehoneypop what’s your favorite track from Happiness is an Inside Job. Or look us up on Facebook and Instagram and give us your dream Royal & The Serpent tour stop!


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